How Aly keeps this Hunger Games actress’ brows on fleek

According to, on fleek means the quality of being perfect or on point and that’s exactly how Hunger Games actress Isabelle Fuhrman described her brows on Instagram after I did them for her in New York City.


“And of course thank you @alysonhoag for making sure my brows stay “on fleek” 🙂

I first met Isabelle’s mom, Elina Fuhrman, (a former CNN journalist, travel and lifestyle writer and creator of this fabulous blog here), in 2002 in my very first makeup studio. With her little girl in tow, I had the wonderful opportunity of getting to know Isabelle when she was very young. And while her mom was getting her brows done we tried to keep Isabelle occupied by giving her a face chart and makeup to play with.

Isabelle Fuhrman at Authentic Beauty Salon & Studio trying on Google Glass.
Isabelle Fuhrman at Authentic Beauty Makeup Salon & Hair Studio trying on Google Glass.

Isabelle started acting at a young age and her agent suggested they move to LA for six months. That was 10 years ago! She was called back for almost every audition and to date she’s starred in a host of tv shows and films including The Hunger Games, Orphan, Masters of Sex, the Ghost Whisperer, in comedy skits on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and more.

Her Eyebrow Guardian

As I’ve watched her grow over the years, her mother and I have been her eyebrow guardians. Isabelle’s eyebrows are such a powerful and defining feature on her face and I’ve been protecting them to make sure they haven’t gotten into the wrong hands. We only tweezed her brows keeping them clean. And I suggest to moms while taking care of their teens to keep brows natural and well groomed, but don’t go into the arch because that will ‘grow up’ their look too fast. We waited until she was 18 to actually do her brows, and I got to be the first one in New York City before Fashion Week.

Big Girl Brows

I had posted on Facebook that I had landed in NYC to do brows and Elina said Isabelle was hosting a series of events for Fashion Week.  She would be hosting an event with Christian Siriano, snapchatting about Fashion Week for W Magazine and attending a Michael Kors party. I told Elina it was time and that she needed to have her brows done for real.


My intention with Isabelle’s brows was to keep her natural shape in tact leaving as much on top as possible and allowing  her natural arch (which is perfect on its own) to stay that way. And we used our new product, Brow Ink, to fill, enhance and perfect the shape of her brow. After we were done, Isabelle mentioned us on Instagram seen here.

Are you ready to put your best brow forward?

Brow Arch-We will achieve nothing less than the perfect brow. This is an art form and we are the arch artists. We do not believe in waxing or that “thinner is better.” Let us give you the shape you need.

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The Brow Guru of Atlanta

Alyson Howard-Hoag is recognized as one of the best brow experts in the country and is affectionately known as the “brow guru” of Atlanta receiving the label “Best of the Best” by Allure Magazine 4 years in a row. In addition, she was voted best brow artist by Best Self Magazine!

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