How to Get Gorgeous Eyebrows by Summer 

Get gorgeous eyebrows by summer from Genuist Beauty

As summer fast approaches, the allure of minimal makeup grows, making beautifully shaped, gorgeous eyebrows more essential than ever; however, unkempt, barely there, sparse, or poorly defined brows can undermine even the most expertly applied makeup, leading to a less polished appearance. 

Sparse areas in your eyebrows, and coarse, unruly, and dry brows not only detract from your facial features but can also make you appear less put together and even more tired than you actually are. 

If you already come to Authentic Beauty Makeup Salon & Brow Studio for our tweeze-only brow services voted Best Brows Atlanta year after year, you know we take eyebrows seriously and we want you to put your best brows forward all year long.

Authentic Beauty wins Best Brows Atlanta 2023.

Don’t let subpar brows hold you back. If you want gorgeous eyebrows with minimal effort by summer, let your brows speak volumes with three of Genuist Beauty’s ultimate brow care products

How to Get Gorgeous Eyebrows by Summer:

First, start with the Roller Brow: Jumpstart brow blooming with Genuist Beauty’s innovative Roller Brow (brow derma roller+serum.) Used 3 to 4 times a week, this unique brow tool with a brow-enhancing serum inside it helps stimulate brow hair follicles, boosting blood circulation and promoting lush brow blooming.

Genuist Beauty's Roller Brow, a dynamic infusion brow derma roller with brow-enhancing serum

Next, use Revival Brow Daily Conditioner: Give your brows the love they deserve every morning with our Revival Brow daily brow conditioner. Used every morning before applying your makeup, it’s packed with nourishing, clean ingredients (and comes in sustainable packaging) that moisturizes, hydrates, and strengthens your eyebrows, ensuring your brows are smooth, conditioned, and manageable all day long.

Revival Brow daily brow conditioner from Genuist Beauty

Then, use the Brow Renewal Hydrating Night Treatment: End your day with Genuist Beauty’s Brow Renewal hydrating night treatment. This deep hydrating formula works overnight to rejuvenate and bolster your brows, so you wake up to healthier, fuller-looking brows.

Brow Renewal Nightly Conditioning Treatment from Genuist Beauty

Beautiful brows are especially important for summer for several reasons:

  • Enhanced Natural Beauty with Minimal Makeup: Summer typically calls for lighter, less makeup due to the heat and humidity. Well-groomed eyebrows can significantly enhance your natural beauty, requiring less makeup while still giving your face structure and definition. This means you can feel confident and beautiful with a more minimalistic approach to your daily beauty routine.
  • Durability and Simplicity: Well-maintained brows won’t smudge, drip, or need frequent touch-ups and product, which is ideal for summer activities like swimming, sunbathing, or outdoor sports. Unlike other makeup that might wear off in the heat, a good brow conditioner can last throughout the day, keeping you looking put-together without the hassle.
  • Facial Symmetry and Expression: Eyebrows play a crucial role in facial symmetry and expression. During the summer, when social gatherings and outdoor events are more frequent and when the sunlight lasts for hours, beautifully defined brows can enhance your facial expressions, helping you convey more with less effort.

Get your brow game on for summer and flaunt a fuller, more natural-looking brow. 

Start now to see transformative results by summer by shopping our brow collection at

Genuist Beauty's Total Brow Care System to get brows blooming again

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