New Products Debuting at Authentic Beauty’s Summer Soiree on July 12th

If you have been following Authentic Beauty’s stories and been in the studio recently, then you have heard the buzz. Alyson and the staff at Authentic Beauty Makeup Salon & Brow Studio have been working tirelessly to create and launch some new innovative cosmetic products. In late April, Alyson traveled to Italy to attend one of the largest global beauty trade shows in Bologna, Italy. Her mission? To meet with labs that make clean makeup, discover sustainable packaging solutions, and find new and exciting brands that would be great to bring to you and that align with our mantra at Authentic Beauty of beauty with a clean conscience. 

There were 2700 vendors at this trade show with thousands of established global beauty brands. She found 4 European brands that really stood out and will soon be bringing this incredible array of European body care products, soaps, hand wash, lotions, and candles to the salon and to you!

“One of the amazing things about Europe is that European cosmetics are ultimately cleaner because they have higher standards with their manufacturing and they are also committed to making everything beautiful,” said Alyson. 

Walking 20,000 steps a day, she searched for compelling brands and in the process realized that body care was a missing component at Authentic Beauty. There were so many beautiful brands, and these four companies really stood out:

  • Atelier du Savon
  • Essências de Portugal
  • Panier Des Sens
  • Nesti Dante

Essencias de Portugal was of particular interest to Alyson and their booth was filled with beautiful scents and handcrafted soaps that reminded her of her passion for travel and her love of Portugal. (If you have not been, be sure to check out Alyson’s personal Instagram feed and stories about this beautiful country. This country is filled with incredible people, stunning scenery, amazing food and even surfing!) Because of this brand, Alyson decided to bring body care to the Authentic Beauty studio because these products were just too beautiful not to share! (If you would like to learn more, you can subscribe to our email list here to learn more about all the exciting news at Authentic Beauty.)

Alyson is going back to Portugal this week to visit the Essências de Portugal factory and she will be doing a FB Live in the Authentic Beauty Makeup and Brow Studio Group page. Please click here to join. She will also be releasing dates when she and the other artists and staff will be going live to share the products, services, tips and tricks and all things beauty with you. We hope you will join us.  Finally, we will keep you updated in the group as to when we anticipate going live with these exciting European products. 

We will also be doing product demos of some of these new products at our Summer Soiree event where you can purchase them too. The Summer Soiree is on July 12th from 11 am to 7 pm. 

Summer Makeup and Salon Deals at Authentic Beauty

We will also pamper you with complimentary makeup touchups, product and service specials, giveaways from some of Authentic Beauty’s favorite businesses, light bites, drinks and more.

Our summer soiree is also the perfect time to lock in your summer savings now on beauty services including the brow series with Aly, our organic spray tanning, facial and waxing services, and get product discounts on our nontoxic makeup, organic sunscreens, and spa-quality spray tanning products. We will also be offering discounts on our makeup applications and makeup lessons, including the ever-popular Bronzed Goddess. We can’t wait to see you at the salon!

About Authentic Beauty Makeup Salon & Brow Studio

Authentic Beauty, located at 4674 Roswell Rd Atlanta, Ga. 30342, is a full-service makeup salon and Atlanta’s only tweeze-only brow studio. Our services include professional makeup applications, makeup lessons, brows, lash lifts, lash tints, organic facials, spray tanning, waxing, and more. Led by the nationally recognized brow guru, Alyson Howard-Hoag, and her award-winning team of makeup artists and estheticians, Authentic Beauty is also the home of organic skincare, our own brow and makeup line, a customized lipstick station, and other nontoxic products available in studio and online here.

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