The Best Eyeliner for Beginners & Anyone with Eyeliner Anxiety: Genuist Beauty’s Tiny Liner 

Genuist Bauty's Tiny Liner is the best eyeliner for beginners and for anyone with eyeliner anxiety

Applying eyeliner can be one of the most difficult and frustrating parts of any makeup routine. Liner can be unsymmetrical or bumpy, difficult to remove, and the delivery system can be difficult to manage such as having too thick of a brush tip. That’s why Alyson Howard-Hoag, the creator of Genuist Beauty cosmetics, understands the eyeliner struggle, and created the Tiny Liner, an ultrafine blendable liquid eyeliner pen. 

Why the Tiny Liner Liquid Eyeliner Pen is different from other eyeliners 

Most eyeliners that are marketed as fine usually don’t come in pen form or they simply don’t have the skinniest brush tip. If you are searching for an eyeliner pen that makes your eyes naturally pop, then look no further than this fine tipped pen. The Tiny Liner makes it easy to apply a natural, thin line that defines the eyes in the most subtle way.

The fineness of the pen also makes this the best eyeliner for beginners who have trouble using chunky pens. Because the pen’s tip is thinner than an eyelash, the Tiny Liner makes achieving the perfect liquid line possible, no more unintended thick liner.

In addition, the thin brush gets a very close application to the lash line, giving your lashes a thicker appearance.

Say Goodbye to Eyeliner Anxiety: The Best Eyeliner for Beginners

Eyeliner anxiety is real! Eyeliner can be a daunting task for people with shaky hands or for those who are just starting to use eyeliner. Applying eyeliner should be quick and easy while also making you feel confident.

We have all had the experience of eyeliner starting off as unsymmetrical and having to create a thicker line to try and balance the two eyes. Unfortunately, we may end up with a very thick liner with no way to remove what we have done without messing up the rest of your makeup.

Fixing an eyeliner look doesn’t have to end in smearing or completely starting from scratch. Since the Tiny Liner is blendable, mistakes can easily be blended out. The formula has a dry time of five seconds; therefore once set, there is no transferring of eyeliner to your top lid.

Many liners cannot stick by the claim of being “transfer proof” and no other liquid liner can claim blendability, and this is what makes the Tiny Liner formula and delivery system so unique. Genuist Beauty’s Tiny Liner does both!

Starting at 2 minutes and 15 seconds, see Aly apply this easy to use eyeliner on an Authentic Beauty client.

How to apply Genuist Beauty’s Tiny Liner

When using the Tiny Liner, gently pull the outer corner of the eye back to expose the lash base. After gently pulling the outer corner of the eye back, at an angle that is almost parallel to your eyelid, softly place the tip of the liner as close to the lash line as possible. Then, gently apply the eyeliner, using small strokes, starting from the outer corner towards the middle of the eye. Small strokes are best because there’s actually more probability of messing up with long strokes.

If you make a mistake,  don’t freak out! it’s okay! Take an eyeliner brush and seamlessly blend your mistake away with the rest of your liner. You can use the Tiny Liner on top of an eyeshadow look to tie it together or on bare lids for a little more definition to the eye area. Last but not least, always remember that practice makes perfect. As the best eyeliner for beginners, it really is simple to use and only gets easier after just a few tries.

Where can I get the Tiny Liner from Genuist Beauty?

The Tiny Liner can be purchased at Authentic Beauty Makeup Salon & Brow Studio in Atlanta and on the salon’s website under the shop section. As Thanksgiving rolls around, Genuist Beauty is in the giving spirit! Genuist Beauty and Authentic Beauty will be having major specials available from Black Friday through Cyber Monday. You can get Genuist Beauty’s Tiny Liner and the Roller Brow Defining Pen during Black Friday Weekend for only $52 (Reg. $67). 

Genuist Beauty's Black Friday Weekend beauty sales in Atlanta and online

Authentic Beauty is also offering a Makeup 101 Lesson or Makeup Update Lesson, plus you get $50 credit that goes towards any makeup purchased on the day of the lesson, all for just $100 (Reg. $150). This is a great time to learn how to apply the Tiny Liner with a makeup artist right by your side. Book a makeup lesson here. (Note. The holiday discount on makeup lessons is not valid with Alyson. Read more about our Black Friday Weekend holiday specials here.

Black Friday Weekend Beauty specials in Atlanta at Authentic Beauty

Blog written by Jasmin Buchanan for Authentic Beauty in Atlanta

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