Understanding Brow Blindness from Alyson Hoag of Authentic Beauty Makeup Salon & Brow Studio

Combat brow blindness and don't give into the micro trends with brow expert Alyson Hoag of Authentic Beauty in Atlanta.

Lately, social media, especially TikTok, has been abuzz with the term ‘brow blindness.’ This phenomenon describes the struggle many face in finding a brow shape that truly enhances their natural features. Instead of embracing what suits them best, people chase fleeting trends, often leading to unfortunate brow mishaps that are widely shared on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Even major publications like USA Today are covering this trend, warning that “following microtrends without understanding your personal needs can result in eyebrow blindness.” Read the article here.

Don’t fall victim to brow blindness or fleeting micro trends. Follow brow expert Alyson Hoag on TikTok  here  for expert tips on achieving natural brows that enhance your unique features. Aly also covers common brow problems and offers easy solutions to transform your brows from drab to fab. Keep up with her brow breakthroughs here.

Defining Brow Blindness

Brow blindness happens when individuals lose their sense of their natural brow shape, heavily influenced by transient beauty fads. This often results in over-plucking, excessive drawing, or adopting styles that don’t compliment their unique facial structure.

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According to brow expert Alyson Hoag, CEO & Founder of Genuist Beauty, “Eyebrows should accentuate your inherent beauty and individuality, not conform to temporary trends. They are a pivotal aspect of your makeup routine and can dramatically influence your overall look.”

Why Brow Blindness is Gaining Attention

The idea of brow blindness is resonating widely on social media, especially TikTok, as people increasingly recognize the importance of embracing their natural features rather than succumbing to unflattering, damaging trends. As one TikTok user poignantly noted, brow blindness is when you can’t see how cringe your eyebrows actually look.

Popular yet Problematic Brow Trends

  1. Overdrawn Brows: Creating excessively thick and dark brows that dominate the face.
  2. Straight Brows: Forcing a flat shape that disregards the natural arch, leading to an artificial look.
  3. High-Arched Brows: Overemphasizing the arch, resulting in an exaggerated and often unflattering and startled appearance.
  4. Over-Waxed Brows: Despite their popularity, frequent brow waxing can irritate the skin, thin it, and damage hair follicles, ultimately reducing brow hair growth.
  5. Fox Brows: Shaping and styling brows to mimic the elongated, lifted look of a fox’s eyes, often resulting in an unnatural appearance. 
  6. Shaved Brows: The trend of shaving eyebrows with a razor can result in damaged hair follicles, skin irritation, and uneven regrowth. This approach also demands frequent upkeep and poses a risk of infection.

At Authentic Beauty in Atlanta, we favor the art of brow tweezing because it allows for precise shaping, minimizes skin irritation and damage, and fosters healthier, more natural-looking brows. 

Solutions for Brow Blindness

For more than three decades, Alyson Hoag of Authentic Beauty Makeup Salon & Brow Studio in Atlanta has transformed hundreds of thousands of brows with her award-winning tweeze-only brow technique. Witnessing the adverse effects of trends like brow waxing since the ’90s, she’s got a loyal following of clients in Atlanta, DC, and NYC, and her salon consistently wins Best Brows Atlanta year after year.  

before and after brow services at Authentic Beauty and using Genuist Beauty's Roller Brow brow derma roller

Goodbye to Brow Blindness, Hello to Beautiful Brows

Celebrate the timeless elegance of your natural brows. Visit Authentic Beauty in Atlanta to start your brow transformation today.

She also created a clean and effective brow care line from Genuist Beauty that was recently showcased on The Today Show that helps individuals reclaim the beauty of their natural brows. For example, her innovative Roller Brow combines the benefits of a derma roller with a potent brow-enhancing serum for fuller, healthier brows that wow.

Also, follow Alyson on Tik Tok for insights on common brow issues and easy solutions to turn your brow troubles into triumphs. Follow her here 

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