We’re Taking Over!

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Alyson Hoag doing MaryLouise Fitzgibbons' makeup for Jezebel Magazine

We’re Taking Over!

So it’s official, as of today March 17, Authentic Beauty has taken over the entire space where Noland Suttles once was. This means we’ll have more room for YOU, my Authentic Beauties & more room for fun! Think bigger Champagne & Shadows, more people, more mixing & mingling & networking (you know I don’t do enough of that), and more services.

I am truly grateful that Todd Suttles invited me to share his space (now Authentic Beauty’s space) at 4674 Roswell Road in Sandy Springs. Let me take you back a few years to you can fully understand my euphoric state of having such a vast space for Authentic Beauty. Almost three years ago to the date, I found a space where I wanted to build Authentic Beauty (at 6427 Roswell rd-some of you have seen the sign that still remains), but in a nutshell, it didn’t happen. I had given up my small basement studio in E. Cobb for the ideal of having 4000 square feet (you can read the story about that here) where we could house the dream of a home for professional makeup artists. However, for many reasons-all that were beyond my control, it didn’t manifest.  I was homeless, so to speak and had no idea when I came back from New Orleans for V to the 10th-the ten year anniversary of V-Day and the Vagina Monologues, where I would work or what I was going to do. Lucky for me Richie Arpino was attending V to the 10th and I ran up to him and said, Can I move in?”  My love for Richie Arpino happened in an instant as he said “Sure, baby”.

I blogged about my amazing experience in New Orleans making over 2000 women who were victims of Hurricane Katrina. Todd Suttles who owned Noland Suttles Salon, read my blog. He made a random comment-which he said he never comments on anyone’s blog and as it turned out that I had 2 other people telling me I needed to meet him. It was kismet! We met and I asked him if I could spend a day a week in his space.

I worked in & out of salons all over town trying to regroup and find a way to launch my vision.

In September 2008, Todd came to me and said he wanted to downsize and wanted to become a booth renter  salon. He no longer wanted the responsibility of managing a big salon. He offered up the front of  his space. I took the risk and said yes.

I finally had a place where my friends & clients could gather & a think tank for professional artists to collaborate, grow & learn together. The first year open has been a tumultuous one given the economy and trying to prove a business model for which there is no manual. We are doing fantastic because of all of you!

But now Authentic Beauty gets to be even bigger & BETTER! We’ll not only have my fabulous artists (we now have over 18 working with us!) doing make-up services, Image Journeys & brows and Robyn Fujimoto doing lashes; but we’ll also hopefully have an esthetician who will offer amazing facials and BODY waxing services.

The addition to our concept is that we will be offering HAIR SERVICES.  2 of the stylists that have been with Noland Suttles decided to stay. We are also actively looking for 2 more to fill the chairs. Pam Deweese, one of the best stylists out there (besides Daniel Jones of Muse Salon) has made her home in the Authentic Beauty Studio. She actually has been in the space for three years doing cuts & color. And she is really amazing! Sorry Daniel, but one day I need her to do my color. Pam came to Atlanta in 2001 & has been back & forth in the hair field, but she is really good. She is so great in fact, she does MaryLouise Fitzgibbon’s hair (MaryLouise has gorgeous hair). MaryLouise is one of favorite Authentic Beauties & is the general manager at the W Hotel in Buckhead. I did her make-up & Pam did her hair for Jezebel’s Most Beautiful Atlantans shoot in 2009 & in Jez’s Beauty Shopper too.

I am so thrilled that this is finally happening for Authentic Beauty & I hope each & every one of you will come & check out the space. We’ll be having a huge launch party, so stay tuned. Also stay tuned for Friday’s blog on MY own Image Journey as I transition from laid back Yoga girl to CEO vixen.

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