Winter Skin: Part II-Tips to Apply Makeup

Winter Skin: Part II

Now that you know how to deal with your skin in the winter (assuming you read the last blog), it is time to learn some important tips about applying make-up on skin in such a fragile state (which would include extremely dry, flaking, peeling, breaking out & not smooth as it normally skin). First off, in winter, I would exfoliate and up the dosage of moisture you are giving your skin & focus a lot on the eye area. This area tends to be dry during the entire year, but during the winter, your skin is sucking up any moisture it can, and putting concealer over  a more dry than usual eye,  can leave the area around the eyes unusually awful looking. I love the Amala Jasmine Hydrating Eye Treatment and the new Clarisonic Opal (stay tuned there will be an entire blog dedicated to this miraculous gadget) to treat this dryness and  they work wonders! After applying product allow a few moments before applying your concealer so your skin has a chance to soak in the treatment rather than your concealer. I really prefer to apply concealer at the end of my makeup applications for this reason.  Then…if your skin has taken in all the product you can add more.

*If you touch your skin, after applying treatment products and the surface feels dry, do not be afraid to add more product . Today, in the studio, we had to apply about 6 layers of moisture mask before my clients skin had any slip to it!!! Eventually her skin stopped drinking it in.

During any other time of the year, I would advise against using primer because I don’t think it’s necessary, but if you have extra dry skin and you can’t get your foundation to look natural, use a primer before applying your make-up. Primer is made up mostly of silicone &  the application of the product creates a smooth base for the foundation to adhere to. The two brands that I like are Laura Mercier and Alison Raffaele, but check the EWG/Cosmetic Database website to make sure that the brand you are using or thinking about using is low on the toxicity rating scale. The Coastal Classic Creations Refreshing Mist Foundation Base Primer/Wear-Alone Powder ranks a ZERO on the EWG site but I haven’t tested it to rate the effectiveness of the product. You know I will always consider the safety of the product.

Our 3 in 1 foundation can be used in the winter or anytime without primer because the 3 in 1 contains enough silicone to make skin appear smooth. That’s why everyone loves this product. But I will tell you that it is imperative your skin be properly hydrated otherwise it will not look like it’s normal glowy finish. It will stick to the skin’s surface and look dull. For some people it might be time to try our Moisture Rich Custom Blended Foundation and add a layer of 3 and 1 on top. That’s what I am personally doing this winter, as my skin has taken on characteristics of its Nordic Heritage    I absolutely advise against wearing powder in the winter because it makes your face look cakey and the goal of foundation application is to look glowy and healthy.

To create a glow, I suggest going with a cream blush blended on the apples of your cheeks. We don’t sell cream blush at Authentic Beauty (yet), but I do like Jane Iredale In Touch Cream Blush, not because I entirely like that brand , but because it is only a 2 on the toxicity scale on the EWG website. Also the Crush Groove Cosmetics Cream Chic mineral blush ranks a 2 on the EWG website. People use a variety of tools-fingers, oval sponge, egg shaped sponge, pointed brushes, flat brushes, triangle sponges, to apply cream blush. Do what works for you & keep the end result in mind. You want a fresh, glowy natural effect even though it’s winter. If you are using a powder blush sometimes using a sponge, dipping it into the color, smiling, applying it to the apples and then blending it out with a flat top kabuki is completely effective. If you need any help getting blush to appear natural, stop by the studio for a tutorial or email me and me and any of my artists will be sure to help you as best as we can.

Regarding eye make-up, it will really depend on the condition of your eyes. Some people get extremely dry and scaly in the winter. If this is you you might be better off not wearing anything on your eyes. I know this sounds silly but mixing a lip balm with some loose eyeshadow (a sheer color) is a great way to create a product that will soothe your eyes while adding a bit of color.  Cream eyeshadow is an option but really I like to add some foundation to the eye area and add a few extra layers of regular powder shadow. Keep in mind a few things:

1-Be sure your eyeshadow contains a more moisturizing formula. Many formulas out there look like chalk-these will not help your cause…Here’s a test. Take the shadow and put it on the back of your hand (which is dry too). If it sticks and looks like chalk it’s not the right formula

2-remember my “paint on the wall” analogy. If you are painting a wall in your home and the walls are porous you add a primer and 2-3 coats of paint in order to sufficiently coat the walls. This is the same for your face and eyes. Just make sure it doesn’t look chalkier with each coat otherwise you will have to start over. The trick here start with the right condition-a well hydrated surface.

You will get through the winter weather. But if you’re like me, I know you just can’t wait to get this winter over with! Stop by & see me or any of the AB artists soon to talk about  your winter make-up challenges. Book an appointment online or call Stephanie at 404-849-0443 or [email protected].

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