Women of Passion

Women of passion

 As all of you know, I am passionate about well, everything. But most notably I’m passionate about women embracing their authentic selves, owning who they are, and not falling prey to trends & what other people say they should look like. I have a passionate commitment to women LOVING themselves no matter what flaws they are obsessing over, but that’s only part of it. I’m also passionate about people who love what they do because why shouldn’t you get up everyday & love going to work? Anyone who has met me know I do!

 A few months ago, I met a beautiful woman (both inside & out)-Grace Lee, the founder of the website Atlanta GSpots. She truly inspires me because she has fully embraced her love & passion for food, and has taken this enthusiasm and turned it into a reality by starting her own foodie website. She, like me, took an idea & turned it into a reality. I had built my business up as big as I could get it by myself (I had a basement studio that fit two people & was pretty much booked solid). I was comfortable & making a decent amount of money. I took a course called the Advanced Course, which is about creating a future that inspires you & it showed me that I had so much more to offer than what I was doing; I was playing small, but I wanted to play with the big boys or girls. I had been sitting on my idea for opening Authentic Beauty for more than 20 years & just kept thinking someone else would do it, and then I would go work for them. Well no one ended up opening a place like Authentic Beauty, so I found the courage to do it. That courage came in the form of one simple point, “business is a learnable skill.”

 Grace also ultimately realized that she could do something that would impact others. For ten years, she worked in real estate & enjoyed every aspect of it, but felt like she needed to find a new challenge. One night, she couldn’t sleep & made a spreadsheet of all the restaurants she had been to & worked tirelessly through the night. When the sun came up, she had 500 restaurants on her list. This is when the idea of Atlanta Gspots was born. So basically Grace is a woman of passion, like me, and I really feel like I have genuinely connected with this incredible person. We are both passionate about being entrepreneurs & creating our own paths. At the end of the day, we can go home & really feel like we have made a difference in various people’s lives-me with showing women of all shapes & sizes they are beautiful & Grace with educating people on restaurants & cuisine.

 In the short time, I have known Grace I have really felt like she & I have connected on such a deep level. We are both women of passion, & an amazing friend. We had a blast on Thursday at the 944 Magazine spring launch party at Halo, and I know we will have so many more great times in the future. Unfortunately I missed Grace’s Gspots Atlanta launch party at Aja on Sunday, Feb. 28 because I was at a make-up show in L.A. But I know Authentic Beauty & Gspots will have combined events at some point, which will be so exciting! All my Authentic Beauties, please friend Grace on Facebook & check out her website!

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