Womenetics Global Women’s Initiative

Effective Leadership for the 21st Century Economy:
Popular Culture and Positive Role Models for Women and Girls

October 4, 2012
8:00 am to 1:30 pm
The Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta, GA

I was first introduced to Womenetics a few years ago when I was asked to host a brow/beauty lounge at the offices of Anisa International, a brush manufacturer I do business with. I wasn’t really sure what this organization was but I agreed to be a part of the event. What I was to find out was that the former Business to Business and Atlanta Women’s Magazine Publisher Elizabeth Marchant was behind this group. Authentic Beauty had done makeup for those publications on several occasions.That evening I discovered an inspirational group that had lots of positive energy and a passion for networking. I met several women that night that have become clients and friends.

I still wasn’t quite sure what Womentics was so I began reading some of their information online www.womanetics.com and I found a storehouse of information, not only for myself as an entrepreneur but as a woman.

“Womenetics’ mission is to develop and support impactful female leaders at all levels of business and society because we believe women’s full engagement is an imperative for economic prosperity and positive change. Womenetics focuses on three primary areas where women’s influence and talents can provide the greatest opportunity for action: as effective leaders in business, as successful business owners, and as agents of change around global issues that impact business’s bottom line.”

I attended an event not long ago which was an award luncheon honoring purposeful women, The POW Awards.  I was sent an email earlier in the year and considered applying. Here was the precursor:

For today’s successful women, it’s not just “business as usual” anymore. As the number of women in the U.S. workforce continues to increase, women who actively forge new paths while inspiring others are at the forefront of this paradigm shift. This woman leverages her position of influence to challenge those around her to burst through barriers and find creative ways of dealing with obstacles. She brings together key stakeholders, inspiring passion, conviction and confidence in others. This self-motivated trailblazer sees through the clutter and embraces a constantly evolving terrain, paving the way for others. She’s known for her abilities to lead, innovate, collaborate and advance. 

I was SOOO glad I didn’t apply. When I got to the event the women honored were WAY past my success level. I am not diminishing my accomplishments but these were the REAL change agents of our society. I felt like I had gone to high school straight out of elementary school. I left feeling inspired AND I set the bar a whole lot higher for myself. I have a long way to go before I can even apply for that award. If you want to read about the winners click HERE. I am in awe of these women.

Recently I received an email about their current event:

“Effective Leadership for the 21st Century Economy: Popular Culture and Role Models for Women and Girls”.

Current research shows that continued gender stereotyping in the media and popular culture often confines women and men into traditional work roles, limiting thought diversity, insights, aspiration and innovation. What are business and the media doing to inspire females to reach for substantive careers and to be successful? Typically females are poorly represented in the number of women executives in business, as well as in the kinds of female characters and images modeled in advertising, film, television and other forms of media. Changing cultural perceptions of female worth and roles is necessary to bolster the number of women who lead.

The panel for this event consists of AMAZING women (yet again) one of which being one of  my heroes Jean Kilbourne. Despite the fact I have a sociology degree with one class away from a minor in communications and women’s studies I somehow didn’t discover Ms Kilbourne’s work until Project Authentic Beauty co-founder LPC Alison Cross shared her videos “Killing Me Softly” with me. Jean poignantly shows her audience where we are being manipulated and objectified in advertising. I know we are…. However, it is the way SHE points it out….it will change your life forever. It has mine. SO much so that I do Inner Beauty talks with media awareness training and body image along with ANY makeup seminar I do. I WILL NOT do any makeup session without it.

Please visit the event website to learn more.

I have 2 tables designated as Authentic Beauty tables with 3 seats available. If you would like to attend email me: [email protected]

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