A Simple, Easy, & Natural-Looking 10-Minute Makeup Look for Summer  

easy summer makeup tutorial from Authentic Beauty in Atlanta

A Simple, Easy, & Natural-Looking 10-Minute Makeup Look for Summer  

Summer is well under way and the earth reached its hottest and highest temperatures ever recorded for four days in a row. When trudging through the summer heat, makeup can feel like it’s melting off your face, but it shouldn’t be.

You can have natural, gorgeous looking makeup that is simple to apply, lightweight, and looks great all day regardless of the heat.  Shop this makeup look and summer makeup collection here.

Belinda Salazar (follow her on Insta here) is a makeup artist, makeup educator and consultant for beauty brands around the U.S. with over a decade of experience creating gorgeous makeup for clients using clean beauty products.  She is also the operations director and makeup educator at Authentic Beauty and for our cosmetics line, Genuist Beauty. In this makeup tutorial, Belinda has created a simple, no fuss, gorgeous, natural-looking summer makeup look that will have you looking beautiful and ready to go in 10 minutes or less regardless of the summer heat. 

10-Minute Makeup Look for Summer: The Steps

OrganicSpa’s 4-piece vital mini’s essentials kit

1. Great makeup always starts with great skin. Prep your skin prior to applying makeup. To get your skin ready for the day, we start by cleansing and exfoliating the skin, moisturizing, and topping things off with SPF before applying makeup.

Skin prep is going to help your makeup last throughout the day, and also make it look more natural. We recommend OrganicSpa’s 4-piece vital mini’s essentials kit for normal to oily skin that comes with a cream cleanser that cleanses your skin but doesn’t strip away natural oils that your skin needs to stay hydrated. Then, it comes with a gel mask that cools, hydrates, and calms your skin and comes with vitamin c and aloe. Lastly, it comes with a moisturizer to hydrate your skin. Each product in this kit has been thoughtfully formulated to benefit you and the planet in this organic, vegan and cruelty-free skincare kit. 

COOLA’s Dew Good Illuminating Sunscreen Serum, SPF 30

Then, we recommend an organic sunscreen from COOLA that is a UVA and UVB protectant, yet is also lightweight. Rated by the EWG’s Skin Deep database as good,  COOLA’s Dew Good Illuminating Sunscreen Serum, SPF 30, is clinically proven to instantly brighten and hydrate the skin while also defending your skin from the sun and environmental stressors. 

Authentic Beauty’s Tinted Primer with SPF 20

2. Now that your face is prepped, you are now ready to create an easy, on-the-go, summer makeup look. And we start with Authentic Beauty’s Tinted Primer with SPF 20. All you need is 1 to 2 pumps of the primer and then spread the primer across your face like you would with sunscreen and then go over it with a dense, fluffy brush to evenly apply the primer onto the face. This style of brush has symmetrical bristles that flare out into a flat top on this kabuki-style brush to create the perfect surface for buffing primer or foundation onto the skin, leaving a smooth finish. * If you need more coverage, we recommend the Magic 3 in 1 Foundation.

concealer at Authentic Beauty in Atlanta

3. Then, you can add a concealer to any areas that may need extra coverage.  Using Authentic Beauty’s liquid concealer, this lightweight concealer instantly conceals the appearance of darkness and imperfections with one swipe, and also wears for up to 8 hours. You can use the same brush you used for the tinted primer to apply the concealer, but be sure to use tapping motions not swiping motions to ensure that the coverage stays put. (Remember that swiping motions sheer out the coverage.) 

Authentic Beauty's shine control translucent powder

4. Grab a lightweight sheer powder such as Authentic Beauty’s shine control translucent powder to set the tinted primer and concealer in place to further increase the longevity of the makeup without feeling like you have too much on.  If you are in a humid region, this is also going to help absorb any extra oils and sweat. Simply use the previously stated brush and tap it into the powder, then in a rolling motion, roll the brush onto the face rather than swiping or taping. The rolling motion helps pack on the powder onto the skin while blending it so that it doesn’t look caked on.

mineral blush in the color renoir

5. Next, we are going to add some color back into the skin with a little blush.  Using a powder brush, Belinda’s personal favorite right now would be mineral blush in the color renoir which is a rich, multidimensional, light, plum color that provides a natural radiance while also lasting all day. This blush is also infused with vitamins A, C & E that help to protect cells from free radical damage. Place the blush on the cheekbones, perpendicular to where you would find the outer third of your eye. Placing blush on the apples of the cheeks tends to give the face more roundness and width, whereas applying it higher onto the cheekbones will sculpt the face.

Genuist Beaut's Roller Brow Defining Pen

6. Then, we move on to the brows to build and enhance the shape of your eyes because your brows help sculpt your eye shape. Belinda began with Genuist Beauty’s Roller Brow Defining Pen that provides a light tint of brow color that provides definition to the brows without looking like you have brow fill product on. The effect is natural looking, fills in gaps, balances the brows and is a wonderful companion whilst completing Aly’s Brow Rehab (a process where brows are grown through an award-winning, tweeze-only brow service).

First, start by using the spoolie brush attached to the Roller Brow Defining Pen and brush your brow hairs up to identify any gaps that need to be filled in. Then, use the Defining Pen to roll through the gaps going with the brow hair and against the brow hair.  Finally, once you’ve filled your brows in, go over the brows once more with your spoolie brush to make sure the brow tint is well distributed and blended into your brows and to ensure that there are no harsh lines. 

pebble eyeshadow from Authentic Beauty

7. Moving on to your eyes, Belinda recommends applying a medium brown eyeshadow using her favorite eye shadow brush. Her favorite eyeshadow for summer is the pebble eyeshadow from Authentic Beauty.  This eyeshadow will help define the eyes and bring out your eye shape. You want to apply this shadow to the crease of your eyelid. (To find the crease, just feel for your eyebrow bone, and right under that bone you will find the crease.) Belinda’s extra tip: When applying the eyeshadow, use a windshield wiping motion starting from the outer corner of the eye, into the crease and ending in the inner third of the eye. Keep blending back and forth with the windshield wiping motion and see how easy it is to blend with this tapered blending brush.

Genuist Beauty’s Ultrafine Blendable Liquid Eyeliner Pen

Then, for an easy to apply eyeliner that is specifically designed for everyone and for those with eyeliner anxiety, we recommend Genuist Beauty’s Ultrafine Blendable Liquid Eyeliner Pen. For any eyeliner first timers, this innovative eyeliner pen is an absolute game changer that has a brush thinner than an eyelash and has superior workability that allows you to blend out the eyeliner with ease.

For starters, make sure you store this pen with the pen side down. Then, when you are opening the pen, you want to shake the pen for a few seconds.  Then, apply a little product on the back of your hand to get the product going.  Once you are ready to apply, grab a mirror, bring your chin up and your eyes down, look into the mirror and start with the outer lid area. Move the eyeliner pen inward making short swipes rather than long swipes (not long swipes because short swipes are going to decrease mistakes you may make and provide more even coverage and a straighter line). Because this has an ultrafine tip, this innovative eyeliner pen produces a fine line on your lid to define your eye shape and eye color to help brighten your eyes and make you look fresh, alert and wide awake. Apply this to the skin right above the lash line (right above where your lashes grow). 

Authentic Beauty’s XLXL mascara

Finally, top off your eyes with Authentic Beauty’s XLXL mascara. Belinda always opts for mascara that may contain vitamin e to help condition her lashes to keep them strong, healthy and long.

Authentic Beauty’s  creamy, sheer shine lipstick in Naif

8. Last but not least, we will add a beautiful summer lip color.  Belinda loves Authentic Beauty’s  creamy, sheer shine lipstick in Naif. This lipstick formula is hydrating for the summer with a balmy, high-shine finish that is also weightless.

It has antioxidants that help with environmental stressors too. When applying this lipstick, instead of swiping, just tap it on the lips to help build it to the opacity you desire to help bring out your lips.  If you are seeking a particular summer color or a favorite summer lipstick that is out of stock or no longer sold, you can always make your own lipsticks or lip glosses at Authentic Beauty with a  DIY lip appointment. Learn more here.  

Shop this makeup collection here.

Want to learn more about our makeup lessons and makeup applications? Authentic Beauty is an award winning makeup salon and brow studio that offers an amazing array of makeup lessons and makeup services in Atlanta for clients of all ages and abilities. Authentic Beauty believes in beauty with a clean conscience using clean products in sustainable packaging whenever possible. Ultimately, we want you to love what you see when you look in the mirror and that you can apply the makeup yourself at home after one of our lessons. Book a makeup appointment here

easy summer makeup tutorial from Authentic Beauty in Atlanta

Products used in this 10-Minute Makeup Look for Summer: (Shop this makeup collection here.)

OrganicSpa’s 4-piece vital mini’s essentials kit

COOLA’s Dew Good Illuminating Sunscreen Serum, SPF 30

Authentic Beauty’s Tinted Primer with SPF 20 and brush 

Authentic Beauty’s liquid concealer

Shine control translucent powder

Mineral blush in the color renoir

Roller Brow Defining Pen

Pebble eyeshadow and eye shadow brush

Genuist Beauty’s Ultrafine Blendable Liquid Eyeliner Pen

Authentic Beauty’s XLXL mascara

Sheer shine lipstick in Naif

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