3 in 1 Magic Foundation Update

3 in 1 Magic Foundation


3 in 1 Magic Foundation

Thank you to EVERYONE who pre-ordered our amazing foundation and to those of you who have come to the studio since we received our shipment and purchased! You have been part of the creation of Authentic Beauty Cosmetics! This process has been terrifying and exhilarating as you can imagine. Making any makeup product is no small feat. It has taken three years from the time I knew I wanted to make it until receiving it. I had to work with my manufacturer to come up with the reformulation, choose colors and then work with my lab in tweaking each one to be the perfect shade. 

This foundation is different from the original formulation in that there is NOTHING CHEMICAL. It is completely natural. We took the silicone out as well as older more chemical preservatives and replaced it with a few different types of plant waxes which give a superior look and feel to the skin. As my esthetician put it, “this foundation has better ingredients in it than some skin care”. (see the bottom of the blog for an ingredient list)

The colors are absolutely perfect.  There are 10 shades to choose from- even two olive shades (soft beige and medium beige) for that hard to match skin tone. I am thrilled that I was able to make the foundation in 3 sizes. A large sized square, a half-rectangle size and a small square. The reason for this is that many of you happen to be a combination of shades; especially this time of year when it is not quite spring but we are not as pale as winter. Personally I am using an ivory and a sand beige. You can purchase two rectangle sized which is the same size and price as a large size. OR let’s say you only need a hint of the paler color, you can get a large size of your regular color and just get a small size of the next shade light or dark. The small sizes are for sampling or just in case you need a different color for your concealer.

Did I mention that this product is a concealer, a camouflage AND a foundation? One product multiple effects. Depending on which brush you use you can achieve multiple results. Not only can you make the finish as light as a tinted moisturizer but you can build it to look flawless for HD, photography and video purposes. There are 4 different foundation brushes and 2-3 concealer brushes to choose from depending on what effect you want to achieve. One of talented artists can help you choose which is best for you.

The finish is nothing short of absolutely beautiful. It looks like there is nothing on your face and your skin is left even with a healthy glow. This is why this product is called MAGIC. We didn’t give it that name, our clients did.

If you pre-ordered you can come by the studio to get matched anytime. If you don’t have the necessary brushes we will help you choose. You do not need an appointment just come during normal business hours. This goes for any of you who want to try it as well. You can also come to Champagne & Shadows this Friday (March 22) to see the foundation as well as our Spring Makeup Collection “Lyrical Lovelies”.

I also wanted to give you an update on the packaging. We do NOT have our beautiful sustainable, refillable compacts as I hoped. There is always a snafu and this is ours. I had hoped to make removable dividers and unfortunately the design I wanted and want is feasible are different. SO now we have to wait for a new packaging sample and begin the process again. I am just not willing to make something just for the heck of it. I want it right. SO in the meantime we will be selling z-palettes. This product is well known to the professional makeup artist. This is an empty magnetized palette that is designed to fit all sized pans. As a pro, we de-pan our compacts by prying the product out of the compacts they come in so we don’t have a gazillion cumbersome compacts to work from. We then place the pans into this empty compact and arrange it the way we want. We have one that will work with our product. We are offering them to you for $10 if buy the foundation. We are also carrying the pro sizes just in case you want to do what the artists do :).

Thank you again for all your support! If you would be willing PLEASE LIKE OUR 3 in 1 FACEBOOK PAGE We hope to be selling nationally and into other salons/boutiques/professsional environments in the near future. Just know that you helped to make this happen. You can purchase it at the Authentic Beauty Makeup Salon and Studio as well as online  A lg size pan is $38, a 1/2 size is $19 and a sample size is $9.50.

My Beautiful Sister Abbey "Before"


My beautiful sister “After” and my daughter both wearing the Magic 3 in 1 Foundation 





Ingredients:Carthamus Tinctorius (safflower seed oil), Ricinus Communic (castor seed oil), Cetyl Alcohol (coconut oil), Cera Alba (organic beeswax), Simmodsian Chinesis (jojoba seed oil), Copernicia Cerifera (carnauba wax), Euphorbia Cerifera (candelilla wax), Benzyl Alcohol (natural preservative), Salicylic Acid (natural preservative), Sorbic Acid (natural preservative), Daucus Carota Sativa (carrot seed oil), Tocopherol (vitamin e), Ascorbyl Palmitate (vitamin c), Glycerin (vegetable derived).

May Contain: Ci77019 (mica),

Ci77491, Ci77492, Ci77499, Ci77007 (iron oxide), Ci77891 (titanium dioxide).





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