5 Common Makeup Mistakes That Can Age You: Follow these Tips from Authentic Beauty Makeup Expert Belinda Salazar. 

5 Common Makeup Mistakes That Can Age You & 5 Simple Tips to Up Your Makeup Game in an Instant from Atlanta's makeup experts at Authentic Beauty

At Authentic Beauty Makeup Salon & Brow Studio, we encourage our Authentic Beauty clients to embrace their age and our makeup services are designed to bring out your best features while underemphasizing areas you want to bring less attention to. Our Authentic Beauty makeup experts in Atlanta (and online) are here to help you put your best face forward. That said, we also see people applying makeup that can have the unintended effect of adding years to their faces. Makeup artist, beauty educator, makeup expert, and beauty blogger, Belinda Salazar, shares 5 common makeup mistakes she sees clients making that can age you and 5 tips that will up your makeup game in an instant.  

Learn why applying eyeliner that is too thick is a makeup mistake and what you can do about it from Authentic Beauty's makeup expert in Atlanta

1. Applying eyeliner too thick– Instead of applying a chunky streak of eyeliner, one should tightline the top lash line to add definition without shortening and closing off one’s eye shape and making the eye look smaller. It is also good to tightline the bottom waterline of your eye too. Belinda recommends only tightlining the outer 1/4 of the bottom waterline to make your eyes appear larger, defined and brighter. Tightlining can also make your lashes appear fuller and create the illusion of having wider and fuller eyes.  

If you are wearing too much face powder and your makeup looks cakey and your skin looks dry, Authentic Beauty's makeup expert in Atlanta has some tips to help.

2. Wearing too much powder– Applying too much powder to your face can make your makeup cakey and dry out your skin. A heavy powder will also settle into the crevices of fine lines and age us. Instead, opt for a finely milled powder that is undetectable to the naked eye. For example, Authentic Beauty’s Mineral Powder Pressed Foundation is made from talc-free, fragrance-free, and dye-free micronized minerals that provides long-lasting coverage with a lightweight, natural looking feel. If you don’t have a finely milled powder on hand, you can also spray a facial mist on your face which can reduce the heaviness of the powder and moisturize your parched face. At Authentic Beauty, we sell Coola Setting Spray Organic Sunscreen (SPF 30), a multi-tasking wonder spray and face mist, that can set your makeup for longer wear, while making your skin look like skin and has an added benefit of SPF 30 that you can reapply throughout the day.

Hear from Authentic Beauty's makeup expert in Atlanta about why applying moisturizer prior to applying makeup helps your makeup stay on longer and make your skin look supple and glowing.

3. Not applying enough skincare to your face before applying makeup– Want to avoid cakey makeup? Applying moisturizer before putting on makeup can help your makeup stay on longer, make your skin appear smoother, and make your skin appear less dull and flat. Make sure to add moisturizer and primer (at least) to your makeup routine so that your skin looks supple and glowing. Your makeup will look more like skin if your skin is prepped well before applying makeup. Read more here about the basics of skincare and why it is absolutely essential to properly cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate & protect your skin to create a smooth, flawless canvas to work with.

Learn what to do if you are using a foundation that is too matte or too dry from Authentic Beauty's makeup expert in Atlanta.

4. Using foundations that are too dry or too matte– Using a foundation that is too matte or too dry can add years to your face, set your look back by decades and not in a good way (think the 80s or 90s), and can look and feel heavy and cakey. Nowadays, foundations should feel light and have a nice glow to them to make you and your skin appear moisturized, glowing, and healthy. This is why a makeup lesson from a professional makeup artist can also really come in handy. They can find the perfect foundation for you and teach you how to apply your foundation effortlessly and flawlessly in minutes. Also, read more about Authentic Beauty’s nontoxic Magic 3 in 1 foundation here and ways that this one product can do 3 powerful things all at once.  

Learn what to do if your brows are filled in wrong from Authentic Beauty's makeup expert in Atlanta.

5. Applying too much product to your brows- If your brows are filled in too harshly, they can make your brows look blocky, harsh, angry, and even darker looking than your natural hair, and this can also age you. Instead, opt for a brow gel with fibers like Authentic Beauty’s Brow Tint with Fibers to volumize and groom your brows. This magical, silky smooth tinted gel adds natural looking volume and color to brows, as Micro-Fibers help increase fullness and thickness for healthier looking brows. Then, go in with a brow pencil to fill in ONLY sparse areas of your brows. Also, make sure your brow pencil is the same shade as the hair on your head if not one shade lighter. Your brows should be gently filled in and not stamped in.

Finally, imbalanced brows, brows half waxed off, or brows that travel straight across with no arch can project unintended messages like you are unapproachable, angry, sleepy, or sad. With well-shaped brows, you don’t need a lot of products or a brow lift. You can look well-rested, bright-eyed, confident, assertive, and happy. But remember, if your eyebrows are not in balance with your face, then all the time and money you spend on your skin, makeup, and other enhancements are going to waste. If you have over-tweezed, over-waxed brows, or have had a brow mishap, you might need to be in Brow Rehab at Authentic Beauty. Read more here about the unintended messages your brows could be sending and why brow tweezing from the brow experts in Atlanta is an absolute must.  

Want to learn more makeup tips, tricks, and techniques from a talented makeup artist and makeup expert in Atlanta teaching you? Authentic Beauty Makeup Salon & Brow Studio has a wonderful array of makeup lessons and makeup application services in Atlanta to choose from. Learn more about our makeup services here.

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