All You Need is Love and a Little Lipstick

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All You Need is Love and a Little Lipstick

It’s hard to believe it’s my birthday AGAIN. How does that happen? I know there are 365 Days between birthdays but it sees like just yesterday we were celebrating on top of Whiskey Blue. The theme for my birthday, starting from when I turned forty: ” All You Need is Love and A Little Lipstick”. I only wanted to have a party if it included a benefit. As much as I love having a party, at this point in my life I want to give back. All You Need is Love and A Little Lipstick is the theme party for Project Authentic Beauty.

If you didn’t know I am PASSIONATE about Truth in Beauty. For over 20 years I have had the privilege to make up women and watch the transformation-both inner and outer that comes from the makeover process. However, what I noticed happening in the past few years was an EXTREME decline in the excitement that comes from recognizing one’s beauty. Instead I witnessed disdain and sadness. I would hear comments, “I need to have my eyes done, LOOK AT THOSE BAGS!”  or “I need botox!”.  Yes an eye lift might open your eyes and botox might smooth out some wrinkles but it does not help the self-loathing. We have all got to have a level of self-acceptance about who we are and where we are and THEN move forward…I know I am beautiful lines and all-which there are a few more for me this year LOL. BTW Authentic Beauty, the company was born out of wanting a place for women to be reminded of and celebrate their beauty.

Project Authentic Beauty is about supporting women to love what they see when they look in the mirror. Alison Cross, the executive director of PAB developed her presentation Body, Beauty and Bravery as a way to educate ALL of US-  MEN TOO about the beauty industry and the media’s grip on our self-esteem. It is an  incredibly powerful presentation which she has presented all over the Atlanta area  and in local schools and she will be offering this seminar and other Inner Beauty Workshops that are put of our curriculum throughout the year.

Originally the documentary- (WHICH IS THE AUTHENTIC BEAUTY PLATFORM) America the Beautiful was supposed to be shown on July 31st and as most of you know the date has been moved to September 24th (along with the Atlanta Girl Expo). Well, attached to the movie will be a party-it will be an All You Need Is Love and A Little Lipstick event. It will not be a party attached to my birthday but I want you all to put it on your calendar and treat it like it was. This cause is SOOOO important to me and I am going to ask you all to inform yourselves. Next time you catch yourself complaining about your reflection think about Authentic Beauty and tell yourself out loud, “I AM BEAUTIFUL”! If you didn’t read the blog about America the Beautiful CLICK HERE

However, if you are missing a party to celebrate with me at NOW plan on being at Whiskey Blue on top of the W Buckhead as I am one of the hosts for THE FULL MOON PARTY!!!!!  It will be a great time and if the skies are clear you can see Saturn!!!!  The next full moon is August 24th so BE THERE!

Thank you to everyone who sent me the most wonderful birthday wishes. I feel incredibly full and grateful for all of you and for the fact that I get to live my passion everyday and make a difference while doing it.

Full Moon Party at Whiskey Blue

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