Blinc Mascara

Blinc Mascara

Recently I discovered the coolest, most incredible mascara ever-Blinc Mascara! We are now using it exclusively at Authentic Beauty. What sets Blinc apart from other mascaras is the way it forms water resistant “tubes” around your lashes when applied—this is different than the conventional mascaras where the color is “painted” on. The Blinc mascara tubes bind all the way around your lashes, which allows you to confidently wear your mascara without having to worry about it running, clumping or flaking. Its rub proof, waterproof, tears proof, sweat proof, you name it! You can run around all day with beautiful lashes that stick with your busy schedule.

Blinc mascara adds volume and length that make your lashes look both stunning and natural.   You can even apply it to fake lashes or eyelash extensions because removing the mascara does not require make up remover. Only a combination of warm water and gentle pressure will remove Blinc mascara tubes from your eyes. All you have to do is wet your lashes and, with a washcloth or your fingertips, slide the tubes off your lashes—you will actually see the tiny mascara tubes come off into your hand. It happens effortlessly and without the loss of any lashes! How easy is that?

Here are some great tips that I love for applying and removing Blinc mascara:

 – Keep adding coats of mascara until you are satisfied with your length, volume and overall look of your lashes. Do not let it set before applying a second coat, because once Blinc sets, you can no longer build on it.

-An easy way to remove Blinc mascara, if you accidently apply too much onto you lashes, is to gently swipe your lashes with a dry q-tip while the mascara is still wet and setting. 

-Go all out with an extra burst of color by using black mascara on your entire lash before applying a color—like dark green, blue, or purple—to just the tips.  Just make sure you do it before the black sets, because remember, you cannot build onto your lashes after it dries. 

– A lot of you like to curl you lashes. If you do, it’s recommended that you curl your lashes first, and then apply Blinc mascara.  That way, the tiny tubes will set around the curled lash and keep them in place and curled for longer.

So whether you wear mascara every day, all day, or just every once and a while, Blinc is easy and worry-free, as well as beautiful.  It has been clinically tested to be non-irritating—so it’s great for those with sensitive skin and contact wearers.  Blinc mascara is also not oil based, so it’ll never run in the presence of oil, even very oily skin.  The Blinc mascara does not compromise beauty for functionality—it’s made for all women and that’s why we love it!

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