Atlanta Facial for Fall – All Treat  No Tricks

Atlanta Facial for Fall at Authentic Beauty Makeup Salon & Brow Studio in Atlanta

Written by Jasmin Buchanan for Authentic Beauty in Atlanta.  

The colder weather and the change of seasons can be tough on your skin, and the environmental factors of living in a major city like Atlanta may make it even tougher to maintain healthy skin at this time of year. So when considering your fall skincare it’s all about moisturizing, protecting your skin’s barrier more than ever, and maintaining your summer glow. 

Caramel Apple Facial from Skin Script at Authentic Beauty in Atlanta

Facials at Authentic Beauty

Authentic Beauty’s post popular and  limited edition fall facial treatment is the Caramel Apple Facial from Skin Script. This facial treatment combines two yummy treatments into one service. Your esthetician will start off with the Apple Orchard Enzyme followed by the Golden Caramel Mask. 

The Apple Orchard Enzyme will leave your skin looking even-toned and bright by removing any dead skin or pore-clogging grime through exfoliation. The facial utilizes PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica, a.k.a. The Swiss Apple stem cells. Through the use of the stem cells this facial will increase cell regeneration and prolong the life of your skin cells. The Swiss Apple is a natural chemical exfoliant, which will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. Not only do these sustainably sourced ingredients promote cell regeneration; they also can boost the strength of your skin barrier, reduce signs of aging, and improve skin firmness.The Apple Orchard Enzyme also contains Bearberry Leaf Extract, an antioxidant crucial for the betterment of skin, and a powerful brightener. Antioxidants help protect your skin’s surface from the outside elements like UV rays and pollution. 

The apple orchard enzyme in Authentic Beauty's fall caramel apple facial is a gentle enzyme ideal for mild exfoliation and anti-aging. Apples are high in Vitamin C, and contain potent antioxidants and malic acid- a naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acid, that enhances desquamation to the stratum corneum and improves the appearance of the skin. Exfoliates Brightens Antioxidant Anti-aging Refines pores

The Caramel Apple Facial also utilizes the Golden Caramel Mask, which contains Black BeeOme™ which derives from fermented honey. Black BeeOme™ promotes your skin’s natural microbiome and strengthens your skin barrier which reduces redness, breakouts, and dry skin. The Golden Caramel Mask acts like a humectant while reducing sebum. This maintains your skin’s moisture while also controlling any excess oil your skin may produce. If that wasn’t perfect enough, the limited edition Caramel Apple Facial is great for almost all skin types except those with rosacea and sensitive skin. 

To schedule your limited edition fall Caramel Apple Facial or to find other facials to meet your skincare goals, call the studio at 404-849-0443 or book online on our website here

Fall skin and beauty specials at Authentic Beauty in Atlanta. Get a facial in Atlanta at our award-winning salon.

Post Facial Upkeep For Fall

Taking care of your skin while at home is important, especially during this time of year. You can do that by putting aside a few minutes every morning and night and adopting a healthy skincare routine using organic products that truly deliver. In addition, Authentic Beauty is offering a 15% discount on our Organicspa BioHydra Serum and Rosehip Oil duo bundle ($153.00 for the bundle, originally priced at $180). 

Biohydra + Serum at Authentic Beauty in Atlanta

The BioHydra Serum is a plumping, hydrating, and repairing serum. This serum contains humectants like aloe, keeping the skin moisturized for longer without the need for constant reapplication. It also has a derivative of hyaluronic acid that leaves you moisturized all day without feeling greasy. 

Rosehip oil at Authentic Beauty in Atlanta

The duo wouldn’t be complete without the Organicspa Rosehip Oil. This oil is lightweight, has essential fatty acids, and is packed with vitamins and antioxidants. It helps with building skin cells up, strengthening the skin barrier, while also preventing premature aging. The oil reduces the look of fine lines, overall smooths the skin, and promotes cell renewal. This product is a helping hand to cell turnover, which can aid with many healing needs. 

As we’re moving away from the summer months, treating any residual sun damage and moisturizing the skin are critical to building healthy skin during the colder months. Authentic Beauty has a selection of facials to choose from and skincare products to help make it easier.

Book an Atlanta facial appointment to start your fall skincare journey today!

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