Atlanta’s Best Facials Are at Authentic Beauty: Enjoy $10 off our Spiced Cider Facial and 10% off our Fall Serums

Best Fall Facial in Atlanta at Authentic Beauty

Did you know that Authentic Beauty Makeup Salon & Brow Studio in Atlanta offers some of Atlanta’s best facials as part of our services? And we have some Fall Specials that will get your skin prepped, ready, and primed for the colder weather and the onset of dryer skin.  As we transition from the warmer summer months into the cooler weather, your skin could really use some much-needed exfoliating and your big skin goals should also include routine facials, making sure your skin is properly hydrated and of course that you are staying well hydrated too. 

Authentic Beauty offers some of the best facials in Atlanta and The Spiced Cider Facial by Skin Script is our top fall facial this season.

Authentic Beauty has you covered with some of Atlanta’s best facials and our estheticians, including Brianna and Vantia, are our skin experts who are here to cater to all your skin needs, including their advice on the best Fall Serums that will get your skin hydrated, glowing, and looking its absolute best in the colder months.


This is a great time to get a Fall Facial like Authentic Beauty’s Limited Time Only, Spiced Cider Facial from Skin Script, a 1-hour, power-packed facial, with an anti-aging and nourishing apple enzyme that is great for exfoliating your skin. The Apple Orchard Enzyme gently and mildly exfoliates your skin and gets rid of dead skin cells.  The Autumn Spice Hydrating Mask has nutmeg in it that also soothes any inflammation you may have. Cinnamon creates a warming sensation in the skin while mangosteen, honeysuckle, and passionflower provide anti-aging benefits, leaving you with healthy, nourished skin, and added moisture and hydration.

The Spiced Cider Facial is also infused with the scents of nutmeg, cinnamon and crisp apples. Key ingredients of this facial include apples that are high in Vitamin C and other potent antioxidants as well as .5% L-malic acid to assist in exfoliation. Bonus! Nutmeg and cinnamon neutralize free radicals. When you are done with your facial service, you will leave with skin that is hydrated, supple and with improved skin tone. This is a facial worth falling for and one of Atlanta’s best facials.  Book your Spiced Cider Facial appointment at Authentic Beauty online here. 


After your Authentic Beauty facial in Atlanta, it is always good to take care of your skin at home between facial appointments, and Authentic Beauty’s organic line of skincare products including these incredible serums from OrganicSpa will help keep your skin in tip top shape between visits.

Vitamin C Serum, 1.8 ounce- Restorative, Preventive, and Clarifying

Vitamin C Serum available at Authentic Beauty in Atlanta

The Vitamin C Serum from OrganicSpa helps brighten and promote an even skin tone by reducing the appearance of age and sunspots. This highly potent repair serum deeply penetrates your skin to assist in stimulating collagen production, increase radiance and reduce fine lines. Great for all skin types, it also helps fade hyperpigmentation and includes Black Cohosh Root Extract, an active ingredient known for balancing hormonal breakouts and helping prevent spots.

The A.C.E. Serum, 1.8 ounce- Revitalizing, Re-firming, Reactivating

A.C.E. Serum available at Authentic Beauty in Atlanta
A.C.E. Serum

This age-defying repair serum aids in revitalizing, re-firming and reactivating luminosity with Vitamins A, C & E and other potent, antioxidant-rich nutrients.  This vitamin-cocktail serum is naturally formulated to boost the skins vitality. Perfect for mature, dry, and normal skin types, this nutrient-rich serum is also great for cell protection, nourishment and repair. Hyaluronic Acid plumps and hydrates your skin and the unique blend of potent botanicals nourishes the skin. This serum can best be described as a super-skin food for your face. It also helps with cell regeneration, has anti-inflammatory properties and helps reduce skin discoloration, making it perfect for those with sunspots, rosacea, and pigmentation.

BioHydra Serum, 1 ounce- Plumping, Hydrating, Repairing

ultra hydrating facial serum in Atlanta at Authentic Beauty
BioHydra Serum

This ultra-hydrating serum is great for most skin types, including dehydrated and mature skin. It infuses moisture into your skin and helps replenish vital nutrients back into your face. Active humectants Hyaluronic Acid and PGA (Polyglutamic Acid) provide long-lasting skin hydration, protection, and revitalizing results. Formulated with key native berries from Australia, including Riberry, Pepperberry and Muntries, they also assist with antioxidant protection to improve long-term hydration.

Active Brightening Serum, 1 ounce- Brightening, Protecting, Hydrating

organic facial serums in Atlanta available at Authentic Beauty
Active Brightening Serum

Silky textured, lightweight, and antioxidant-rich, this milky treatment serum will help reduce pigmentation and promote skin luminosity. Scientifically and thoughtfully formulated using a potent blend of native extracts and actives, this serum will even out skin tone while calming your complexion.

You can add this serum to your daily skincare routine if you’re looking for an anti-inflammatory formula that will:

  • Reduce pigmentation
  • Brighten skin tone
  • Stimulate collagen
  • Reduce signs of photoaging
  • Protect and strengthen the epidermis
  • Provide Antioxidants
  • Stimulate collagen
  • Maintains hydration and prevents TEWL
  • Strengthen the lipid barrier of the skin

Perfect for most skin types, all of these amazing ingredients combined means you will also notice plumper, clearer and more glowing skin sooner. Whether you are in front of a screen all day or out in the elements, this active brightening serum will help you achieve brighter, smoother skin fast.


We also have some amazing lipsticks that will round out your Fall wardrobe including Brandy, Reese, Seductive Scarlet, and more. 

Authentic Beauty's Fall lipsticks in Atlanta

BRANDY – Rusty Red with a warm, yellow undertone

REESE – Brown red with a cool, blue undertone

SEDUCTIVE SCARLET– Brown red with a warm, yellow undertone

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