Authentic Beauty Holiday Gift Guide

Authentic Beauty’s Holiday Gift Guide

It happens every year. You get all your gifts for the people who tell you what they want, but about a week before the big holiday, you still have a few stragglers you need to buy gifts for. Well that or sometimes you put off your holiday shopping until the last minute (like me) & you end up not wanting to deal with the crowds at the mall.  Whatever your reason, the girls of Authentic Beauty & I have come up with our top ten gifts this season.

1) An Image Journey. No matter how old you are, it’s very important to feel comfortable in your own skin & in the make-up you are wearing. Give the gift of an Image Journey to the woman who wants to make 2011 her year to shine.

2) Stephanie Anderson, our fabulous go to girl here at Authentic Beauty is also a personal chef who gives cooking lessons. She was featured in Daily Candy in 2009. If your diet consists of drive through & Campbell’s soup, you definitely want to book your lesson today!

3) I have talked about our 3 in 1 foundation in almost every blog I have written about looks, so it’s a no brainer. The 3 in 1 foundation is perfect for every look under the sun & Karen (everyone else too) thinks it also needs to be in your make-up bag. We sell this magic here at Authentic Beauty & online. This foundation is great for covering uneven pigmentation plus gives a silky feel & stays in place all day! Sounds great to us.

4) On that note, keeping your skin flawless is sooo important, so Amy Schultz, our skin esthetician suggests Amala's hydrating yogurt mask is the perfect gift for this time of year. Most people are suffering from dry, chapped or uncomfortably taut skin and this will hydrate, moisturize and give the skin a nice glow!

5) And if you’re suffering from pesky breakouts or you have super sensitive skin that flares up from any heavy moisturizers, try Elana’s favorite, the Ansr Beam. You can zap zits fast and reduce redness and skin discoloration.

6) If this time of the stresses you out & your face doesn’t break out, thank the beauty goddesses. But maybe you feel tension & stress. Sloane makes an awesome Detox Muscle Soak that has been popular to relax your tight muscles.  Check it out at

7) Going back to the 3 in 1 foundation, we know it lasts all night! You want to make sure all your make-up lasts & lasts especially when you’re ringing in 2011. Make sure to pack the Live it Up lipgloss (Sloane’s favorite) & LIVE IT UP on New Year’s Eve!

8) Treat your tresses right in 2011. No more abuse, hair abuse that is. So pop into the Authentic Beauty Salon & try out a Keratin Express or a Keratin Treatment by Hollie. You’ll have silky, shiny tresses.

9) Speaking of hair, we love the environmentally friendly hair color by Authentic Beauty colorist, Charles Farlow. Treat your mom or your sister to this sweet treat.

10) So we’ve talked about a lot of gifts good for females. So gift the guy in your life to dinner or drinks at our new favorite hotspot in Sandy Springs- {three} sheets. Amazing cocktails, yummy bites & fabulous atmosphere, relax at {three} sheets after work or late into the night.


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