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Grow your brows back with Authentic Beauty's Brow Rehab and the best brow services in Atlanta

Warner McClure (check out her amazing Insta here) started Authentic Beauty’s Brow Rehab journey a year ago to grow her brows back. With routine visits to our Atlanta brow studio using Alyson Howard-Hoag’s famous brow arch service and Genuist Beauty’s Roller Brow derma roller with brow enhancing serum, Warner went from having thin, sparse, barely noticeable brows to having gorgeous, lush, natural looking, beautiful brows again. 

What is Authentic Beauty’s Brow Rehab Process?

As the brow experts of Atlanta, the most frequently asked question we hear at Authentic Beauty is, “how do I grow my brows back?” Authentic Beauty’s Brow Rehab is the answer. We are the only ‘tweeze only’ brow studio in Atlanta with the world-renowned brow guru, Alyson Howard-Hoag, at the helm and her talented team of Atlanta brow experts, including senior brow artist Brianna Beverly, who are here to get your brows on a growth cycle and get your natural and authentic brow shape back.

Sadly, many people think that their damaged brows cannot be restored. If you don’t learn some simple protocols, chances are they will not. This is why the Brow Rehab process is nationally recognized and why Alyson travels the world offering her brow services to clients.

Alyson’s brow commandments include no waxing and teaching her clients about the brow growth cycle. “I was taught how to fill in the brow to make the face balanced. I was also taught how to sculpt by tweezing and trimming. This is absolutely the most precise way. I believe in tweezing and trimming ONLY,” she said. And she teaches her staff the precision of tweeze-only brow artistry too. 

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If you have over tweezed, if you are a victim of over waxing or threading or even if you think your brows have stopped growing over time, Alyson says leave your brows alone and let them grow. Brows grow on a four-to-six-week cycle. So, do not touch one hair for a minimum of 30 days.

Then, you must clean up the brows slowly. “Because brows grow like the “lawn of your face” you have to leave your brows alone repeatedly. Sometimes this process can take time but do not let them go unattended for 6 months. That’s because brow growth shuts down after 6 weeks. Using the lawn analogy, “if you wanted a beautiful lawn, you wouldn’t let it grow without mowing for 6 months. You need to get it on a cycle and get them growing all at the same time,” she added. That means coming into the studio for brow appointments routinely to keep your brow game strong. 

Every brow artist at Authentic Beauty Makeup Salon & Brow Studio is trained the way Alyson was when she first apprenticed under a renowned brow artist. “I became a brow artist because I apprenticed with an expert who taught me how to do brows for photoshoots. It was in that instruction that I could see the importance and value of where the brows angled on the face,” she added. After hundreds of thousands of clients, Alyson’s Atlanta brow studio has won ‘Best Brows Atlanta” year after year. Her brow process works. 

See the best brow studio in Atlanta and their famous brow rehab service.

Authentic Beauty’s Brow Rehab Process

The Brow Rehab journey begins with a brow consult. Have you been waxing for years? Are your brows uneven? Do you have scarring from waxing your brows and areas where the hair just doesn’t seem to grow? Has your brow hair faded? Are they recovering from over plucking? During your brow consult at Authentic Beauty, we’ll assess the best course of action for your brow rehab, how we can get your brows back on a growth cycle and suggest 2 incredible products from Genuist Beauty that work in concert with the Brow Rehab process to make your brows exponentially more awesome. Check out the powerful Genuist Beauty brow products here

The Roller Brow from Genuist Beauty  is an all-in-one dynamic infusion derma roller infused with a powerful brow enhancing serum, used in concert with routine brow services from Authentic Beauty, that can increase your brow hair growth exponentially and leave you with thicker, fluffier, more natural looking brows in as little as one month.

Next, we begin your brow journey with our brow arching service. It is possible to regain your natural brow shape and achieve natural looking brows again! If your brows have been damaged by waxing or over plucking, there is still hope. We gently nurture your brows back to a beautiful shape that compliments your unique eye shape. With our brow arch services, our award-winning brow artists in Atlanta achieve nothing less than the perfect brow and arch for you. This is an art form, and we are Atlanta’s brow arch experts. We do not believe in waxing or that “thinner is better.” We hand tweeze and trim the brow hair that is customized to the shape of your face. 

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We can also dye your brows for those hairs you cannot see. Over time, most brow hair loses its pigment. A simple brow dye, also referred to as a brow tint, from Authentic Beauty will work wonders on your brows. During your brow dye appointment, we create a custom dye specifically designed for you and your coloring that matches you perfectly. Our brow dye is gentle on your brow hair, and the result is fuller looking brows!

Lastly, during your Brow Rehab journey, you will be empowered and educated on ways to maintain your beautiful, authentic brows at home between brow appointments.

Roller Brow and Roller Brow Defining Pen from Genuist Beauty

Products that Elevate Authentic Beauty’s Brow Rehab Process

Ready to take your brow game to the next level and see quick results while you are in the midst of Brow Rehab? Genuist Beauty, Alyson’s cosmetics line, has two amazing brow products you don’t want to miss out on. 

Genuist Beauty's Roller Brow combines the power of skin needling with a brow enhancing serum in one powerful product.

Roller Brow is an all-in-one dynamic infusion derma roller infused with a powerful brow enhancing serum, used in concert with routine brow services from Authentic Beauty, that can increase your brow hair growth exponentially and leave you with thicker, fluffier, more natural looking brows in as little as one month. Roller Brow’s innovative design allows for the brow enhancing serum to come through the roller as you glide it over your brows. The brow serum inside Roller Brow is made with all-natural ingredients and is powered with a high percentage of Capixyl that is derived from red clover extract and acetyl tetrapeptide-3, a biometric peptide, which is known to strengthen, lengthen and stimulate natural, noticeable hair growth. With routine use (three to four times a week), Roller Brow addresses brow hair damage through this groundbreaking brow microneedling tool and serum in one. Read more here.

The Roller Brow Defining Pen from Genuist Beauty delivers a gorgeous brow fill color to areas of the brow that have gaps and imbalances.

Genuist Beauty’s Roller Brow Defining Pen ($35) has an innovative, ceramic ball tip that delivers a natural brow stain, and fills in gaps and imbalances in the brow area with ease. This easy to use and easy to apply brow pen delivers gorgeous brow fill color to the areas of the brow that need it the most while you are going through Alyson’s award-winning Brow Rehab process. The Roller Brow Defining Pen is for anyone who needs an easy, quick, lightly pigmented, long-lasting, and waterproof brow stain color that fills in brow gaps in an instant. Read more here.  By filling in your brows and addressing gaps and imbalances in your brows with a light, barely detectable brow stain, you end up with fuller, more natural looking brows, a more defined shape of your brows, better overall brow symmetry and a waterproof, smudge proof brow color that lasts all day. 

Enjoy Presale Savings of the Roller Brow & Roller Brow Defining Pen While Supplies Last

You don’t have to wait to have gorgeous, fuller, and natural looking brows while you are getting your brows back on track during Brow Rehab. The Roller Brow & the Roller Brow Defining Pen are ideal for anyone who has over waxed or over threaded their brows, lost brow hair due to age, illness, bad brow trends, or even is experiencing discoloring and fading brows after microblading. These game changing brow products are on presale now and will arrive on or around July 10th and supplies are limited after the roaring success of our Summer Soiree presale event on June 22nd.  

Sign up for Authentic Beauty’s Brow Rehab/Brow Arch process here.  Get your brow products from Genuist Beauty here.  

Genuist Beauty by Alyson-Howard Hoag includes Roller Brow, the Roller Brow Defining Pen and the Ultrafine Blendable Liquid Eyeliner Pen

About Aly’s new Genuist Beauty Brow Products: Alyson Howard-Hoag’s goal as an eyebrow expert and brow protector for over 30 years is to create natural looking brows for her clients. Through her revolutionary, award-winning brow rehab services that she offers in her Atlanta brow studio, and by appointment in NYC, DC, and LA, she also wants to help her clients get their brows back and not have to be tethered to products and brow fillers for the rest of their lives. That said, while you are growing your brows back, she has created an incredible line of brow products including the Roller Brow (a dynamic infusion derma roller infused with a powerful brow enhancing serum) and the Roller Brow Defining Pen that delivers a natural, barely detectable brow stain and brow fill for parts of your brows that have holes, gaps, and areas of inconsistency, so that your brows won’t look choppy. Purchase them here.  

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