Find Endless Ways to Make Her Day

Your Mother is Beautiful


Mother’s Day is Sunday May 13th. Right now you’re wracking your brain to find the perfect gift reflective of the love you have for your mom. Something as special and unique as she is but also meaningful.

 Give Her the Gift of Authentic Beauty

Authentic Beauty is designed to be a fun and safe place to discover and rediscover your beauty. Rather than be sold a bunch of stuff you don’t need and told how you’re “supposed to look,” we assist you in making comfortable choices that will allow you to have your image be a reflection of your authentic self. We believe “you are beautiful” and are committed to ensuring you love what you see when you look in the mirror. Plus, we guarantee you can recreate the look yourself!

When was the last time your mom updated her makeup or allowed herself the gift of her own attention? Authentic Beauty offers several services that will allow your mom to reinvent herself, update her look or just learn the basics. Or, if you just want to treat her to an application sensation she can come in to be made up for a special occasion or just for going out on a date with you!

Another great gift option is our special Mother-Daughter Makeup Session. Come together and each of you will get a lesson of your choice with an Authentic Beauty professional artist. As if that’s not enough, you and your mom each get a free lip gloss.

Treat your mother – you know she deserves it!

Available packages may include:

  • Makeup products – see below
  • Brows – coloring and shaping: Have your mother’s brows disappeared? As women age, their brows lose color. Having the brow colored and shaped can be a life-changing (or at least face-changing) experience. The proper arch will frame her face and lift her eyes – seriously, it’s better than botox. Our CEO and founder Alyson Hoag is a two-time Allure Magazine Atlanta Best of Brows.
  • Nails: Aromatherapy and accupressure manicures and pedicures are sure to soothe her soles and lift her spirits.
  • Lash Extensions: Our semipermanent lash extensions are truly amazing, opening up the eye and adding definition. Your mother will LOVE the way she looks. The best part? She won’t have to wear mascara ever again.
  • Facials: Nothing makes your skin glow more than an organic facial with Amy. Your mom will be completely relaxed, and her skin will enjoy the benefits of all natural, organic ingredients. This is a perfect complement to a makeup session, so let your mom relax and have her skin perfected, and then let us put on her makeup (we can also do her hair) so she will look and feel beautiful all day.
  • Hair services and style only: Does your mom love a good blowout? Treat her to a day of beauty and leave the rest to us. Or, has your mother had the same hairstyle for 20 years? Give her the gift of a cut, color and style with an Authentic Beauty stylist. Now is the perfect time to update.
  • Customized skincare packages: Amala organic luxury skincare is the perfect gift. Tell us a little about your mother, and we’ll select exactly what she needs to get glowing, radiant skin every day the healthy way.
  • Personalized makeup kits: Bring us a picture of your mom, and let us pick out the perfect colors for her! Or, purchase an empty palette and have her bring it in to have it customized just for her!
  • Mother-daughter photo session: When was the last time you had a great picture of your mother and her children/grandchildren? Let our team of makeup artists and photographers capture the beauty and love in your family. She will cherish that gift for years to come.
  • Hair style, makeup and nails
  • Makeup update (with or without product gift card): Has your mom worn the same shade of lipstick since the ’80s? If so, it’s time to update! People can tell exactly how old you are by the way your makeup is applied. Does your mom’s makeup enhance or detract from her inner beauty? We teach simple techniques to enhance the features.

Give her the gift of taking care of herself

Call 404-849-0443 for more information or to purchase a gift certificate in time for Mother’s Day or for more information email [email protected]

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