Get A Safer & Healthier Tan: Authentic Beauty’s Organic Spray Tan Service

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, more than 3.5 million cases of skin cancer are diagnosed annually. And this number will keep increasing if we do not teach those around us to protect themselves from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. There is a better and safer way to be bronzed and beautiful with Authentic Beauty’s organic air brush spray tan service


Our organic spray solution delivers an even tan all over your body and it contains moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients that are good for your skin. And no matter how pale or dark you are, Authentic Beauty has you covered-literally! Our organic spray tans are a fantastic fit for all skin types and tones. We carry everything from the lightest solution for a delicate glow to a deep dark rich tan. Also, our solutions are organic and are boosted with vitamins and minerals that specifically work to make your skin appear more youthful!



Authentic Beauty’s experienced spray tan artists deliver you a beautifully even spray tan. Our mobile “Spray Salon” is an enclosed pop-up tent that provides privacy and is designed to catch any over-spray.

While a single spray tan can take just a few minutes, here are some simple steps to preparing for your spray tan experience and after care tips so your spray tan lasts even longer!  With proper care, your tan will last 5-14 days.

Before your sunless tanning appointment

  • Wax 2 days before the tanning or shave the night before; Wax residue will block tanner absorption.
  • Take a shower and exfoliate properly using a body brush, mitt or quality scrub. Removing any dead cells and body oils will help the sunless tanner penetrate your skin and give you the best results.
  • Do not use deodorant, makeup, perfume or moisturizers prior to the tanning. Lotions can act as a barrier & prevent the solution from contacting your skin.
  • You may tan in the garment of your choice. Bathing suits and underwear work well, we sell disposable thongs or you can opt to be nude. Men are required to wear underwear or a swimsuit.
  • Wear loose-fitting dark-color clothing and flip-flops because some of the bronzer can rub off on your clothing and shoes can cause your feet to perspire affecting the results.

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Immediately after your sunless tanning session

  • Do not wash your hands for least 4 hours.
  • Do not put on tight clothing for least 4 hours.
  • Do not exercise (first day). Perspiring immediately after tanning alters the chemical reaction of the solution changing its color.
  • Do not swim or immerse in water.
  • Do not apply moisturizer.


Post tan care

  • Wait at least 8 hours before showering. We recommend waiting until the next day. You will see color washing off the first time you shower. This is the cosmetic color guide in the solution so the technician is ensuring your tan is even during the application process. The added benefit is you are instantly tan when you leave your appointment!
  • Apply moisturizer after the shower and everyday after your tanning session. This will help prolong your tan. We recommend the ones we sell at Authentic Beauty because they are specially designed for sunless tanning. The Norvell product Prolong is the best choice post tan. It will even out any areas that might be lighter or darker and will keep your tan consistent and looking great for up to 2 weeks!
  • Do not take long hot baths or showers. And use the special body wash that is designed for when you have a spray tan. Using regular body wash can fade your tan.
  • The ocean and chlorine from a pool or jacuzzi can cause your tan to fade prematurely. Avoid the use of any products containing salicylic acid.

Organic Spray Tan Special:


Purchase your spray tan package online here or visit Authentic Beauty Salon & Studio located at 4674 Roswell Rd. Atlanta, GA 30342. Or call 404.849.0443.

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About Authentic Beauty:
Authentic Beauty, located at 4674 Roswell Rd. Atlanta, GA 30342, is a full service makeup salon and hair studio in Atlanta offering award winning service with professional makeup applications, makeup lessons, brows, hair, organic facials, organic spray tanning, eyelash extensions, wedding makeup services, manis and pedis, massage and more. Read more about our safe, non toxic, and organic products here.


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