Last Champagne & Shadows Until Fall

"the starlett"

Last Champagne & Shadows Until Fall

This Friday, April 15 at 6 to 9 p.m., we will be hosting our last Champagne & Shadows until fall!  I would love for you to come out on Friday & celebrate with my fabulous artists & me as we enjoy the rest of spring & usher in what looks to me to be an incredible summer!

We will be doing all the spring 2011 looks & serving light snacks, cupcakes and champagne. Local jewelry artisan Danna Cain will be on hand displaying her one-of-a-kind, hand crafted jewelry made from semi-precious gemstones, crystals and natural objects. Danna is a client & makes really fantastic jewelry. Danna actually found out about through my write-up in Skirt Magazine & came to take an Image Journey at Authentic Beauty. She has been a client ever since! She told me that after she read about my philosophy based on the teachings of Sarah Breathnach, she had full confidence that I could help her in a way that no one else had ever considered.

I want to share with you what she said about her Image Journey: “After participating in the Image Journey and makeover, my friends and acquaintances started saying “you’re looking great. You look really, really, really, great! What are you doing? You look SO VIBRANT!”  She said that was the perfect comment because they were looking at her as a whole. They weren’t just saying “Wow you’re wearing great makeup.” They saw her make-up as the perfect expression of who she is, which is the ultimate goal of each & every Image Journey. She said: “So despite my very active lifestyle where I sweat a lot and get very dirty creating things from landscapes to jewelry and other art, I feel attractive and stylish.” She also noted how thrilled she was that I custom colored her foundation. She says that other products never matched her skin tone.

It really makes me feel proud of Authentic Beauty when I hear feedback like that. This is what I want for women who come see me & all of my other artists. But I am so excited that Danna wanted to participate in our last Champagne & Shadows and showcase her incredible jewelry. So if you have not yet been to a Champagne and Shadows, this is your last chance until fall… Hope to see you all there! And check out Danna’s collection on her Facebook page.

If you can’t make it this Friday, I hope you will come see me soon either at the studio or at our new location at Tootsies near Lenox Square. You can book an appointment online, or call Stephanie at 404-849-0443 or e-mail her at [email protected]. Hope to see you soon! Also if you can’t make it, but are interested in purchasing something from Danna or having her showcase her jewelry at your event, contact her at: [email protected] or 770-938-6688. Danna also designs award-winning landscaped gardens & you can reach out to her about that as well.

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