Authentic Beauty now offering makeup recycling in Atlanta through the Pact Collective

Authentic Beauty now offering makeup recycling in Atlanta through the Pact Collective

Authentic Beauty Makeup Salon & Brow Studio is thrilled to announce we are now offering makeup recycling in Atlanta at our studio through the Pact Collective, a nonprofit collective taking responsibility for the beauty industry’s packaging problem to make beauty packaging more sustainable. 

Each year, over 120 billion cosmetic packages are created yet only a small fraction of that gets recycled. In fact, most of that will end up in the landfill. Because the beauty industry’s packaging is too small, too flexible, or made of too many materials to be traditionally recycled, Authentic Beauty’s mantra of beauty with a clean conscience felt sisyphean in nature until we partnered with the Pact Collective. 

“At Authentic Beauty and now through our cosmetics line, Genuist Beauty, we’ve worked so hard to create beauty products that live up to their hype, do what they say they can do, are quick and easy to apply, look gorgeous, and are made of clean ingredients in sustainable packaging that we can all feel great about,” said Alyson Howard-Hoag, CEO & Founder of Authentic Beauty and Genuist Beauty. “Partnering with the Pact Collective means our ‘beauty with a clean conscience’ mantra is now a reality through this incredible makeup recycling program,” she added.  

We are so excited about this Atlanta makeup recycling opportunity that when you bring 5 beauty items into the studio to recycle, you get 10% off 1 makeup item.  

Get a makeup bag clean up lesson and Get rid of old makeup at Authentic Beauty in Atlanta through our makeup recycling program through the Pact Collective.

Also, when you come to Authentic Beauty to recycle your makeup, make sure to book a Makeup Bag Cleanup Lesson. Have our beauty experts go through your makeup bag and guide you on what has expired, what isn’t working for you anymore in your current collection and learn how to make the products you have work like a charm. If you need any makeup product replenishment, you’ll get 15% off your purchase during your lesson. 

Recycling old makeup at Authentic Beauty in Atlanta Through Pact

Thanks to our partnership with Pact, we’ve made it easy to recycle your empty beauty products. Just come to the Authentic Beauty studio, located at 4674 Roswell Rd NE Atlanta, GA 30342, and bring in your emptied and cleaned beauty packaging and drop it into the Pact collection bin. They accept a wide range of packaging, including plastic bottles and jars, glass bottles and jars, lipstick/lip gloss tubes and applicators, and mascara tubes and wands.

Recycle old makeup in Atlanta at Authentic Beauty through the Pact Collective recycling program.

To recycle your old makeup through Pact, simply follow these steps:

  1. Clean your empty packaging. Make sure it is free of any product residue.
  2. Drop off your empty packaging at Authentic Beauty’s Pact collection bin located inside our studio located at at 4674 Roswell Rd NE Atlanta, GA 30342. 
  3. Pact will sort and recycle your empty packaging. They partner with a variety of recycling facilities to ensure that your packaging is recycled properly.

Why should you recycle your makeup through Authentic Beauty’s Pact Recycling Program: 

  • It supports Authentic Beauty’s sustainable business model of beauty with a clean conscience. 
  • It’s environmentally the right thing to do and keeps beauty packaging out of landfills.
  • It is a convenient and straightforward way to help the planet. 
  • It helps reduce the environmental impact of the beauty industry. 
makeup recycling program in Atlanta at Authentic Beauty

Why is a makeup bag clean up so important? 

First, most beauty packaging ends up in a landfill, so this is your chance to responsibly recycle old beauty product packaging that otherwise would end up in a landfill. Remember, even though some packaging may have a recycling symbol on it, it often does not get recycled when it is smaller than a deck of cards.  

Second, from a health perspective, our makeup bags can be breeding grounds for bacteria, especially if a makeup product has expired. In turn, this can lead to breakouts, infections, and other skin issues. That’s why it is integral to clean up your makeup bag routinely and keep your makeup products clean and safe to use. 

Finally, you may be buying products you don’t need or using a product that does not serve you anymore.  

Get a Makeup Bag Cleanup Lesson at Authentic Beauty

Our Makeup Bag Cleanup Makeup Lesson in Atlanta is your chance to have a professional makeup artist analyze what you currently have in your makeup bag, give you tips and suggestions on how to use what is in your collection, and help you discover new makeup techniques and products that will bring your best face forward. 

Just like when you shop your own closet at home with a friend, fashionista, or organizer, sometimes you don’t realize what you already have to work with from a unique perspective. The Makeup Bag Cleanup Lesson ($25.00) is a 30-minute service with a makeup artist looking at your makeup bag and teaching you how to use your makeup in new ways. Sometimes we overlook what makeup we have and ways to use our makeup differently through new products and techniques. 

With the change of seasons upcoming and the holiday season soon upon our heels, now is the perfect time to clean up your makeup bag, learn some new skills through our makeup bag cleanup service, and get rid of old beauty products through our makeup recycling program with Pact. Enjoy 15% off a makeup product purchase during your Makeup Bag Clean Up Lesson. (*Service not valid with Aly.)

Read more here about what happens to the packaging you drop off at Authentic Beauty’s Pact recycling bin. 

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