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Besides a spark of kindness behind your eyes and a friendly, self-assured gleam in your smile, there really is no more important facial feature than your eyebrows. This is because your brows frame your face and create structure. When fashion icon and actress Brooke Shields burst onto the scene in the early 1980s, thick, well-groomed brunette brows became all the rage. We’ve gone through a lot of eyebrow beauty trends since that time, but one thing has remained constant ever since– women pay more attention, and spend more time tending, to their brows than they did before the ’80s.

For women who have sparse, thinning, light colored or overly plucked eyebrows, it can be cumbersome to spend time each morning creating the appearance of beautiful brows. There are a million products out there to help you achieve this with varying degrees of success, and we often find women have tried them all before they find Authentic Beauty.

If you’re one of these women, or even if you’re just looking for more definition, a slight fill-in of those pesky areas where some hair is missing (or graying) or a brow shape adjustment, we now have the perfect solution! Microblading is a relatively new procedure that inserts pigment custom-blended to match your hair color into only the top layer of your skin. It works so well that even major celebs, like Madonna, Oprah and Bella Thorne, are true believers!

This new technique is technically a tattoo but is far from the eyebrow tattoos of old that often left women looking more like a bad Instagram makeup tutorial than their authentic selves. While old school eyebrow tattoos use machines to permanently embed ink deep into the skin, microblading uses a handheld tool that lasts up to three years depending on your skin type. What’s more, microblading is extremely natural looking because your aesthetician has more control over the stroke and can create more defined, crisp lines that really look like actual eyebrows!

Sound too good to be true? Trust us, it is too good but it’s also true! It can even work for people who have no brows at all! In this case, we recommend using microblading in conjunction with our amazing NeuBrow serum to help grow back thinning brows. Some even say the procedure itself stimulates new hair growth, but the jury is still out on that one.

The process takes about two hours, but most of that time is spent discussing your goals, taking measurements and making sure you’ll be thrilled with the results. Just like the old carpentry adage, it’s always best to measure twice and microblade once! Plus, our microblading expert, Sarah, is also trained in brow correction and approaches microblading with that same precision and art.

After your consultation, we’ll apply a numbing cream to help with the pain (which for most people with average pain tolerance is pretty mild) and begin the process of making sure you love what you see when you look in the mirror! With microblading, it will be you– only better!

Microblading Maintenance and Care Tips

Although no special long-term care is needed after microblading, there are a few things you should do before and immediately following your appointment:

  1. Don’t drink the night before your appointment: Drinking thins the blood, which means you’ll bleed more and won’t heal as quickly.
  2. Use an antibiotic cream for 24 hours after your appointment, and then switch to a Vaseline-style ointment for a week.
  3. This may seem obvious, but don’t pick any small scabs that may develop.
  4. Keep your brow area clean (but not wet) and out of the sun for 3-5 days until the tiny incisions heal up.
  5. Avoid strenuous exercise and sweating for up to a week, as it can cause bacteria to seep into the tiny incisions.


Deposit: $100 deposit

Visit #1: $400

Visit #2: $200
*Visit #2 is to complete your microblading session after the results of your first visit have healed. This is an important part of the process, and we will not book a microblading treatment without it. 

Touch ups: $75

If you’re ready to book your microblading appointment, call the Studio at 404.849.0443 or book online through our appointment scheduler. Want to see what other brow services we offer? Visit our online brow page for more information.

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