Grad Gifts that Prepare Young Women for Life

Oh, the places she’ll go!

It can be tough to watch our littles leave the nest and head out into the world, but as mothers we can take comfort in knowing we’ve prepared them for what lies ahead. As our daughters head off to college, into the work force or even on the dreaded gap year backpacking trip, there’s one last thing we can do for them– get her a graduation gift that will prepare her for life on her own.

Our signature experience, the Image Journey, is SO MUCH more than a makeup lesson. This transformational service will help her discover her authentic self and get comfortable with expressing it to the world. Embracing and loving what we see when we look in the mirror and relishing in who we are and how we look impacts everything in our lives– from careers and personal relationships to our self-worth and so much more. Our award winning makeup artists are here to help your young graduate make a lasting and beautiful impression as she embarks on adulthood.

There’s no better gift than that!


What is the Image Journey?

Authentic Beauty’s Image Journey is a unique 90-minute private makeup experience designed to ensure a woman LOVES what she sees when she looks in the mirror. It’s all about women embracing their natural beauty and highlighting specific attributes to achieve a look she’ll not only adore but be able to do at home all by herself. Although the Image Journey is a great gift for women at any age, this is especially important during the transitional time around graduation and is great to help young women ground themselves. Our talented team of makeup artists will guide your graduate on this memorable and pampering experience that will have her loving what she sees when she looks in the mirror– and looking even more hire-able!

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Authentic Beauty’s signature makeup service is about women authoring their own look. We know that sounds too good to be true, but we promise your graduate will have a look they love that allows her Authentic Beauty to shine through at the end of her Image Journey. What’s more, she’ll have the skills to do it herself because we teach simple and attainable techniques during the Image Journey makeup experience. Plus, our makeup artists are always there for her to follow up afterward when needed.

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Your grad’s personal makeup artist at Authentic Beauty will show her exactly how to create and then master the looks she loves. At the end of her experience, she’ll leave with a face chart detailing the step-by-step process. The Image Journey experience also includes a free follow-up session where your grad’s personal makeup artist will observe her recreating the look to ensure that she can do it herself!

Why does it matter?

Graduating from high school and moving onto college (or graduating from college and moving into the workforce) is a transitional period in a young woman’s life. Although this transition is certainly exhilarating, it can also be overwhelming. Your grad needs every advantage she can get including looking and feeling her very best!


At Authentic Beauty, we see many young women just out of high school who want a more mature look that represents this new phase of their lives. After college graduation, many young women head out into the work world still looking like college students instead of like someone who could properly represent a company. Your grad doesn’t have to fall into these traps. This is where the Image Journey comes in!

Unless your grad has put in the work to find out what she really likes and who she really is, she’ll always be at the mercy of someone else telling them how they SHOULD look. There are a lot of talented makeup artists and image consultants out there willing to assist you, but they’ll just be playing dress up unless your grad develops her own sense of style. This is what we believe in here at Authentic Beauty and exactly how the Image Journey works!

The Image Journey Experience: Your Homework

We know she thought she was all done with homework, but this is the fun kind– we promise! The Image Journey is more than a makeup lesson. It’s an experience that allows your grad to reflect on who she are and how she currently looks. The Image Journey is interactive and includes journaling and pinning images to a Pinterest board to help the young lady in your life find makeup looks and even fashion she finds attractive. This process creates the safe space for her to really think about WHO SHE WANTS TO BE with professional makeup artist by her side guiding her and helping along the way.


Your grad will need to come prepared, as there is a short assignment to complete that takes about 30 minutes. It involves clipping images out of magazines or using Pinterest to pin images to that appeal to her. She’ll arrive to her Image Journey appointment with her completed homework and all the makeup and brushes she currently owns. Her artist will then interpret her magazine collage or Pinterest board, look through all her makeup and tools and then teach her how to do her makeup based on the desires of her Authentic Self.

An Image Journey Collage & Inspiration Board

An Image Journey Collage & Inspiration Board

A graduation gift like no other:

Give your graduate the gift of beauty on graduation day with an Image Journey, Authentic Beauty’s signature service, that will take her from childhood into a beautiful young woman! It allows your graduate the time to analyze who she wants to be and how she wants to look with professional makeup artists right by her side guiding her and helping her along the way.

Graduation Special

Get $50 off an Image Journey and enjoy 10% off a gift certificate now through the end of May. To book an appointment, visit our web site, call the Studio at 404.849.0443 or email us at [email protected].


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