Recover Quicker: Aly’s Review of Chill & Body Cryotherapy

As many of you know, I have a passion for athletics and for surfing! When I was a competitive cyclist I frequently used ice baths to help me recover especially when i was participating in stage races (multiple days of racing.) But as you can imagine, trying to get ice in the bathtub can be rather difficult unless someone is helping!


That said, the experience of my muscles feeling fresh and injuries healing faster because of the ice was astonishing. So, when my client Malissa told me she and her husband opened a cryotherapy business i was in!

I have had a shoulder injury for a little while now and have been diligently working to heal it. I went for my first session last week and have noticed a big difference. I will be going regularly as I prepare on going to surf camp in November 

Why Cryotherapy Rocks

For competitive athletes, ice baths have been the traditional method used to recover from a strenuous workout or competition, but as we know, that means losing a few days to heal. Fortunately, with whole-body cryotherapy at Chill & Body Cryotherapy in Atlanta, now, you can recover in less time so you can resume your training faster.Full-body cryotherapy can do more in three minutes than a 60-minute massage that enables you to recover from your workouts no matter the intensity. Benefits of cryotherapy include inflammation relief, reduction of muscle soreness, less pain from sore joints, blood flow restoration, and improved metabolic weight.

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Additional benefits include:

•    Anti-Aging & Increased Collagen

•    Fewer Skin Blemishes

•    Allows More Intense and Higher Volume Training

•    Performance Enhancement

•    Boosts Blood Circulation

•    Increased Energy

•    Faster Surgery Recovery

•    Pain Management

•    Improved Mood & Sleep

•    Accelerated Muscle Recovery

•    Decreased Muscle Soreness, Pain & Inflammation

What is cryotherapy?

It is a relatively safe and non invasive procedure that briefly exposes an area of your body to very cold temperatures in order to promote healing and recovery. It helps improve the body’s circulation and healing, and also slows down cellular metabolism and reproduction. Cryotherapy has also been shown to decrease inflammation of the body’s tissues, muscles and joints, and it can help to reduce pain and muscle spasms in the body as well as reduce the swelling of injuries.

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How does the treatment work? 

The treatment lasts a maximum of three minutes. During the process, the skin sends signals to the brain, which stimulates physical reactions and activates naturally occurring healing resources. Once out of the chamber, the body immediately reheats. Utilized worldwide since 1979 to enhance recovery for elite athletes, whole body cryotherapy (WBC) has proven to be a valuable adjunct for speeding muscle recovery and producing a general feeling of well-being.

The history of cryotherapy

Full-body Cryotherapy has been available for 37 years, first introduced in Japan in 1978 based on the concept that if a cold compress or an icy bath relieves swelling and inflammation, what could you accomplish by fast freezing affected parts of the body?

Early test patients reported significant pain relief from diseases like rheumatoid arthritis. Throughout the years, Cryotherapy is increasingly being offered in clinics and spa-like facilities all around the world. High level college athletic programs, have also adopted whole-body cryotherapy.

Additional benefits of cryotherapy

From chilling away fat to smoothing wrinkles and erasing spider veins, cryotherapy techniques are being used throughout the beauty industry to address aging problems that used to require surgery. Whole body cryotherapy has been shown to stimulate collagen production, resulting in the rejuvenation of aging skin and reduction of cellulite. Each session can consume as many as 400 to 800 calories that, when combined with a good diet and fitness, can aid in weight loss.

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Or looking for that extra spurt of energy prior to a workout, competitive match, yoga class or other activity? During this process, receptors in the skin send signals to the brain to release endorphins and beneficial biochemicals. The blood becomes oxygenated, accelerating beneficial results. When the immune system is activated in this fashion, the body experiences an energy boost which lasts up to eight hours. Athletes enjoy increased endurance with faster recovery and healing.

Are you ready to try cryotherapy? Here’s a special offer for Authentic Beauty clients. Buy a two pack for $50.00 and get a free session. Must use promo code ATHBTY to get this special. 

Visit Chill & Body Cryotherapy at Lenox Square Mall (located inside The Forum Athletic Club-3393 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 2010-A Atlanta, GA 30326.) Or call them at 678-820-5550. 

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