Meet this Mother Daughter Duo: Our Authentic Beauties of the Week

AB-of-the-week-Banner-2Claire Peck and Rosalyn Goldberg have been clients of Alyson Howard-Hoag’s since 2002. Claire was referred to Aly for a makeup update, and soon after their time together, Claire introduced Aly to her mother, Roz. “The two of them have been my clients for 13 years now,” Alyson said. “And for me, there is nothing better than developing a relationship with my clients. I have gotten to be there for Claire’s marraige, for Roz’s 80th surprise birthday party, and for all of the grandchildren that have come into the family too.”

Claire and Roz before their Makeup Makeover.
Claire and Roz before their Makeup Makeover.

Last week, Claire and Roz came to the salon for one of Authentic Beauty’s makeup services called the Makeup Makeover– a makeup update designed for customers who have either done the Image Journey or are ready to explore some fabulous new makeup looks. “No matter your age, don’t get stuck with a dated look because that ages you. Twice yearly, you should modernize your makeup,” Alyson said. And you are never too old to learn new makeup techniques and skills from one of Authentic Beauty’s award winning makeup artists.

Makeup Artist: Rosie Gillespie Guffey
Makeup artist: Stephanie Simmons


Makeup artists, Rosie Gillespie Guffey and Stephanie Simmons, gave this mother daughter duo a makeup update on their visit to Authentic Beauty

Claire’s Makeup Update
On Claire, we used Authentic Beauty’s custom blended, Magic 3 in 1 Foundation in soft beige as a concealer. To set the foundation/concealer, we used our translucent powder. On her cheeks, Stephanie used Flushed and Fresh PeachCameo was used on her eyelids followed by Cosmic Latte and Crystal Shimmer for eye highlights. The upper lashline was lined with an eye pencil color called Wine and her brows were filled in with our incredible brow product called Wonderbrow in a color called Stella. Lastly, Stephanie finished off her look with Blinc mascara and one of Authentic Beauty’s custom made lip glosses called Ursula.

Roz and Claire after their Makeup Makeover
Roz and Claire after their Makeup Makeover

Rosalyn’s Makeup Update 
On Rosalyn, we used a custom blend of Authentic Beauty’s moisture rich, safe and non toxic, Magic 3 in 1 Foundation that included gentle beige, sun beige and tender beige followed by the Magic 3 in 1 Foundation in soft beige as a concealer. On the eyelids, we used Barely Peach with Oatmeal as the eye highlight color. Then, we applied Rosebud on Rosalyn’s cheeks. We filled in her brows with Wonderbrow in the color Cindy. Then, we finished off her look with one of Authentic Beauty’s signature lipsticks called Cherish.

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Are you ready for your makeup update? 

Perfect for mothers, daughters and generations in between, Authentic Beauty’s Makeup Makeover is a makeup update that modernizes your look and adds pizzazz to your personal style. Book your appointment online here or call us at 404.849.0443. Authentic Beauty Salon & Studio is located at Authentic Beauty, 4674 Roswell Rd. Atlanta, GA 30342. 


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