The Rocker

"the rocker"

The Rocker

Rock and roll & punk are both making huge comebacks. Not just on the Billboard charts, but on the runways as well. This past Fashion Week in NYC in February ushered in the look of biker clothing, lots of black & lace and 60’s & 70’s fashion when rock was huge (think Blondie-Debbie Harry) mixed with some simple military inspired basics. We, at Authentic Beauty were inspired by the bold looks of rockers like Joan Jett, Cherie Currie (both from The Runaways), Fiona Apple, and the ubiquitous Kelly Osborne; who has really morphed from dysfunctional rocker child to glam rocker icon.

Punk carries on from last year to be less of a full blown “trend” & more one of influence on other trends. The designers have literally plucked various elements from the punk/rock & roll trend to create new & fresh looks all over the board. Think of an ultra feminine white lace skirt with a hard core ripped black t-shirt, which balances perfectly & doesn’t try too hard. One tried & true look that I love & is genuinely punk rock is all over black (the signature color of the rockers & punks) with some thoughtfully placed studding. I suggest a ripped black t-shirt & black jeans or black jean shorts (now that it’s warmer) and black high heels with obviously The Rocker Look by Authentic Beauty.

The Authentic Beauty Rocker look is just what you think but wearable. This look is a lot of heavy-ish black mixed in with a shock of bright-ish color.  (remember wear are about wearable interpretation)Start with applying our green shimmer serenity onto the lid and add a touch of gold  to the inner corners of the eye. This bold, but not neon green flatters any eye color,  especially brown. Also make sure to have clean, groomed brows & add a touch from the Goddess Shimmer Pot underneath your eyebrows as well to open up your eyes. The green lid can be intense if you’re used to sticking with neutrals most of the time, but that’s why it’s paired  with black clothing so no other colors compete.

Line your the upper and lower lash-lines with a black pencil and smudge & blend into the lid with the Squirrel Precision Blender brush. Top with a black eye shadow and define the crease and outer corners of the eye. Also line your waterline with black pencil to add drama. You’re your lashes & apply two coats of Blinc black mascara to complete your Joan Jett like gaze. Smile & apply Peach Chiffon blush on apples of your cheeks. Finish your lips with a soft shiny pearl-like lipstick (we recommend Pearl Essence), and top with Get Lippy Peach Lip Gloss ($22.50).

We would love to help you learn this look!  WE ARE OFFERING SPRING MAKEUP LESSONS FOR $50. Now is the perfect time  to see me or any other of my incredibly talented artists or book an appointment  online. Call Stephanie at 404-849-0443 or [email protected].

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