We’re Baaaccck!

We’re Baaaccck!

This past month has been crazy busy for us at Authentic Beauty & believe me, we’ve got the place spic & span with a totally new look. I want to apologize for my lack of blogs & let you know that in lieu of blogs, we have been working our tails off to recreate the whole space of Authentic Beauty. I can’t wait for you to come see the NEW Authentic Beauty! Since my last blog, we have expanded tremendously & have a lot of great news. We’re waiting on a new sign, but we’ve moved things around a bit, cleaned things up & got a fresh coat of paint on the walls.

First off, we have five fantastic hair stylists (Pam, Charles, Anne, Ryan & Hollie) who each do a superb job. Ryan Parker is a color expert & specializes in corrective color & he recently did my hair & it looks amazing! Hollie Woodall does great color as well & does the Keratin Express treatment, which is like a Brazilian Keratin treatment except better! The Keratin Express treatment makes your hair silky, smooth & shiny, and you can wash your hair and/or get it wet in 24 hours. With the regular Brazilian Keratin treatment, you have to make sure your hair doesn’t get wet for 72 hours. Believe me, I’ve heard it’s hard!

Robyn Fujimoto, our Minx lash guru has her own room now & Tatiana Jones, one of our artists, is also doing lash services. She does the Extreme lashes, which are temporary, but just as foxy! We have a fabulous skin esthetician-Amy Schultz-who does great work. Amy also has her own room. She is does organic facials, waxing & peels. Amy, who hails from Natural Body Spa, exclusively uses the natural & organic Amala & Eminence skincare lines. You know how much I love that! Right Amy isn’t on our online scheduling, but she will be soon, so check back & call Stephanie at (404) 531-4220 to schedule your skincare with Amy.

Additionally, I have moved make-up touch-ups & brow services into the salon, which is completely renovated. We have so much more room now! I am still working & doing everything I did before as is Leslie & all of our other great make-up artists! So use Schedulicity to make your appointment for your brows, your make-up, anything with us!

I am getting ready for tonight’s Jezebel Magazine “Most Eligible” party at the Gold Room, so I’ve got to make this short & sweet! I have missed writing my blogs & I hope you all have too! I’m also checking out the World Cup party at 10 Degrees South! It starts tonight & runs until Saturday. Ya’ll stop by if you have time! Please make sure to stop by our Authentic Beauty summer soiree at {three} sheets next Tuesday, June 15 at 6 p.m. {three} sheets is in Sandy Springs Citywalk at 6017 Sandy Springs Circle. Also mark your calendars for Authentic Beauty Summer Beauty Day on Friday, June 25. Stay tuned for details! Come see me! xoxo

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