A Truly Dynamic Duo: Meet Authentic Beauty’s Estheticians!

Authentic Beauty‘s dynamic duo, Jessica Beeson and Amy Shultz, are licensed estheticians with a passion to help women look their absolute best.
From chemical peels, facials, dermal planning and full body waxing to lash tinting and even brow shaping, Jessica and Amy want to help you put your best face forward this summer! Here are their tips for achieving incredible skin this summer.



Jessica Beeson: “Summer is a harsh season for the skin! You are dealing with humidity, higher air pollution and more oxidation and stress as well as free radical damage, sun damage, and a UV index that is through  the roof in the South. Your face is bombarded by so many elements.  You also produce more oil.  And it just sits on the face. We see the onset of premature aging, and that is probably the biggest thing we deal with as estheticians!”
  • Amy Shultz: “Sun burns, uneven pigmentation, acne and dry skin! I do believe that ten minutes of sun a day is good for vitamin D however after ten minutes a sunburn or tan causes more shedding of skin cells which clog pores and can cause more breakouts down the road.  And over exposure from the sun’s rays over time? Burns, cancers, pigmented spots, premature aging, dilated blood vessels and wrinkles!”


Amy: “First, I recommend cleansing morning and night with a facial wash. Exfoliating is key to buffing away dead skin cells however over exfoliating can irritate the skin barrier and cause problematic skin. For oily clients, I recommend an oil free hydrating lotion and for clients with dry skin? A moisturizing lotion or cream for extremely dry skin. I also recommend a mask once a week. For oily clients, a clay mask is best and for dry clients, I recommend a moisturizing mask to sleep in.
  • Jessica:”You don’t need heavy moisturizer in the summer.  Opt for lighter cleansing, lighter moisture, and use a non-toxic sunscreen, like LUCA, daily. I recommend a SPF of 30! I also recommend the Amala Purify collection which includes a gentle gel cleanser, a toner, 2 moisturizers to choose from in a cream or a gel, a gentle polish, a clay mask and a mattifier to help absorb excess oil. 


Jessica: “Every four weeks, regardless of your skin issues, I can’t recommend enough the importance of getting a facial!  That said, your salon treatments in the summer really depend upon your facial issues. For oil control, I recommend the Purify oil control facial and back treatment.  It helps absorb and detoxify without irritating or drying the skin.  Amala’s new Brighten facial  is also great for preventing more pigmentation formation in the summer as well.

  • Amy: “Waxing is a great way to keep your skin smooth without the irritation of a razor. Bikini, under arm, leg and Brazilian waxing are very popular summer services. I also recommend an in studio facial ever four weeks and for problematic skin, every two weeks. For my clients that stay out of the sun, I recommend a light chemical peel or enzyme peel monthly; however, if you are someone who spends a lot of time outside, starting a peel series in the Fall is best.


Amy: Non toxic sunscreen is really important. Toxic sunscreens are being linked to skin cancer and are believed to disrupt hormones. Especially avoid products containing oxybenzone and retinyl palminate. I make sure I am wearing a non-toxic sunscreen like Luca. I also use a Clarisonic daily to give my skin a deep cleanse and to give a light exfoliation.

  • Jessica: “The Clarisonic Pro helps to get you a deeper clean and helps your other products penetrate more easily and boosts the efficacy of your products! The Clarisonic Opal can be used every single day and it helps to boost penetration, potency and efficacy of serums and eye creams so you get stronger results.  Last but not least, I also like to put clients on a melanin pigment suppressant in the summer to help absorb excess oil without drying out the skin.  Amala’s Brighten Corrective Concentrate and Amala’s Rejuvenate Serum are both great options for that.

You can book your appointment with Authentic Beauty‘s incredible estheticians, Jessica Beeson or Amy Shultz, online here, call 404.849.0443, email us at [email protected], or stop by the studio located at 4674 Roswell Rd. Atlanta, GA 30342

Jessica Beeson is a holistic and clinical esthetician with over eight years in the industry and five years as a licensed esthetician.  She specializes in all things skin from facials, and hair removal to dermal planning, full body waxing, lash tinting and more! Her goal is to get your skin into incredible shape-transforming lifeless skin into healthy living skin. Her mentor taught her a holistic approach to skin care and looking at the skin as a whole as opposed to looking at a particular issue.  “Being more holistic, I think of the skin as a living entity,” Jessica said. “By combining at home and in salon treatments, you are preventing so many things as opposed to just maintaining your skin and that lends itself to more supple, taut and brighter skin.”

Amy Shultz has been a licensed esthetician for over five years and received advanced training and certifications in chemical peels, microcurrent and microdermabrasion.  In addition to being a licensed esthetician in the U.S., she also received training for and obtained an international esthetics certification which allows her to work as an esthetician in over 38 countries. At Authentic Beauty, Amy will be seeing clients for facials, brow shaping, full body waxing, lash tinting and chemical peels.  Stay tuned for more services from Amy this Fall.

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