Six beauty tips that will enhance your natural beauty!

Her passion, like the Authentic Beauty motto, is to help a woman love what she sees when she looks in the mirror.  And whether its brow services, doing makeup applications or teaching makeup lessons to clients, Becca Bussert is a master at helping women do just that. With over eight years in the beauty industry working with clients and working on television and film sets, Becca’s true passion is enhancing a woman’s natural beauty.

Here are six beauty tips from Becca to help you love what you see when you look in the mirror.

1. Stay away from the wax!

It never made sense to me that anyone would put hot wax on their eyebrows and risk losing half an eyebrow in the blink of an eye.  With tweezing, only one hair is pulled at a time, which is more precise and can still be done quickly and relatively painlessly with the right tweezers. Having the right brow shape can be a face-changing experience and a correct arch will frame your face and give your eyes a major boost.

2. Beware of bacteria!

If you use your mascara most days, then you should toss it out after 3 months and get a new one. Frequent use will dry out your mascara and give you a higher possibility of acquiring bacteria on the tube and wand.

3. Um? How long has that been in your makeup bag?

Have you checked the expiration dates on your products lately? At Authentic Beauty, we offer a free makeup service and coaching session that encourages you to discover the right look that expresses who you are. With a Makeup Metamorphosis, we take a peak inside your makeup bag to assess your makeup and your products and we give you suggestions to make your makeup experiences more incredible. And the techniques we use are simple and easy to recreate. We guarantee it.

4. The beauty of a makeup lesson

Becca enjoys empowering women and teens by teaching them the right makeup lessons for their lifestyle whether they are product junkies or if they need to stick to a 5-minute basic makeup routine. At Authentic Beauty, our makeup lessons are designed to take the mystery out of makeup. We teach simple and easy techniques that will work for your lifestyle. Wherever you are, Authentic Beauty is here to teach you how to apply makeup that makes you look and feel your best. You deserve it!

5. The right brush can make your foundation last longer!

Make sure you are using the right brushes and the right techniques with your makeup so you can maximize the life of your products. With Authentic Beauty’s Magic 3-in-1 foundation, we found out that simply by using our Finishing Powder Brush by aDesign, our clients 3 in 1 foundation lasted approximately 4 months for a full size foundation!

6. Makeup doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming!

Becca’s everyday makeup routine is under 10 minutes–and she’s a makeup artist! By keeping her makeup bag uncluttered and knowing what she likes and what looks good on her, she has a streamlined routine. Sure, special occasions call for a little more effort, but our artists at Authentic Beauty can teach you simple and easy tricks to elevate your day look and easily segue that into a night look that will have you standing out from your everyday appearance without looking gaudy or overly made up.

To book your brow service, makeup application, or makeup lesson with Becca Bussert, head online here, call 404.849.0443, email Authentic Beauty at [email protected], or stop by the Authentic Beauty studio located at 4674 Roswell Rd. Atlanta, GA 30342

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