We won! Authentic Beauty named Best Brows Atlanta 2023.

Authentic Beauty wins Best Brows Atlanta 2023.

Atlanta, GA (July 25, 2023) – Authentic Beauty Makeup Salon & Brow Studio is proud to announce that we have been voted Best Brows Atlanta 2023 by Best Self Atlanta Magazine and by thousands of Atlantans just like you who took the time to vote for us!

The Best Brows Atlanta 2023 award is a testament to the salon’s commitment of providing clients with the highest quality brow services in Atlanta, Buckhead and Sandy Springs thanks to Alyson Howard-Hoag’s famous Brow Rehab process.

Thanks to the votes from our dedicated family of clients, and the Best Self Atlanta community, Authentic Beauty has won the Best of 2023 Best Brows category once more. In this year’s contest, there were a record number of nominations and votes. What an honor it is to be recognized by our clients and throughout the Atlanta beauty community for our work making your brows look their absolute best.

Want to learn how to grow your brows back? Brow Rehab at Authentic Beauty in Atlanta
Alyson Howard-Hoag’s goal as an eyebrow expert and brow protector for over 30 years is to create natural looking brows for her clients. Through her revolutionary, award-winning brow rehab services that she offers in her Atlanta brow studio at Authentic Beauty, and by appointment in NYC, DC, and LA, she also wants to help her clients get their brows back and not have to be tethered to products and brow fillers for the rest of their lives.

See what Aly’s Brow Rehab process did for this Authentic Beauty client

That said, while you are growing your brows back through her Brow Rehab process, she has created an incredible line of brow products including the Roller Brow (a dynamic infusion derma roller infused with a powerful brow enhancing serum), and the Roller Brow Defining Pen that delivers a natural, barely detectable brow stain and brow fill for parts of your brows that have holes, gaps, and areas of inconsistency, so that your brows look seamless and natural. Purchase these innovative new brow products here.

Genuist Beauty products

Alyson’s brow commandments include no waxing and teaching her clients about the brow growth cycle. “I was taught how to fill in the brow to make the face balanced. I was also taught how to sculpt by tweezing and trimming. This is absolutely the most precise way. I believe in tweezing and trimming ONLY,” she said. And she teaches her staff the precision of tweeze-only brow artistry too.

If you have over tweezed, or if you are a victim of over waxing or threading, Alyson says leave your brows alone and let them grow. Brows grow on a four-to-six-week cycle. So, do not touch one hair for a minimum of 30 days. That’s because brow growth shuts down after 6 weeks.
Then, you must clean up the brows slowly. “Because brows grow like the “lawn of your face” you have to leave your brows alone repeatedly. Sometimes this process can take time but do not let them go unattended for 6 months. Using the lawn analogy, “if you wanted a beautiful lawn, you wouldn’t let it grow without mowing for 6 months. You need to get it on a cycle and get them growing all at the same time,” she added. That means coming into the studio for brow appointments routinely to keep your brow game strong.

Alyson Howard-Hoag wins Best Brows Atlanta 2023 by Best Self Atlanta Magazine

Why Authentic Beauty is the Best Brow Studio in Atlanta
Authentic Beauty uses only the best brow technique, including Aly’s signature tweeze-only brow method, to create natural looking brows for her clients that are both beautiful and natural. In addition, our brow artists are highly skilled and experienced, and they take the time to listen to each client’s individual needs and their brow goals to help them achieve that desired look over time.

In addition to providing excellent brow services, Authentic Beauty also offers a variety of other beauty services in the North Buckhead area of Atlanta (we are ITP), including facials, waxing, makeup applications, lash lifts and tints and more. The salon’s team of beauty experts is dedicated to helping each client look and feel their best.

Need Brow Help in Atlanta? Best Brows Atlanta 2023
Authentic Beauty is proud to be the 2023 winner of Best Self Atlanta Magazine’s Best of 2023 contest for Best Brows Atlanta. And we are committed to providing our clients with the best brow services in the city. We cannot thank you enough for your support and for the Atlanta community’s support in recognizing us for this award.

If you are looking for the best brow services in Atlanta, then look no further than Authentic Beauty. Book an appointment today here and see why we were voted Best Brows Atlanta in 2023!

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