Back to School Beauty for Atlanta Teens at Authentic Beauty

Back to School Beauty for Atlanta teens

Plenty of us entered high school not knowing proper skin and makeup tips to help us put our best faces forward during those pivotal and transformative years.  But we can all likely recall that high school classmate who smudged on far too much black eyeliner, overdid it with the blush and eyeshadow,  and had the wrong color foundation on. 

At Authentic Beauty Makeup Salon & Brow Studio, we teach Back to School Beauty for Atlanta teens including the importance of having a simple, daily skincare routine and ways to create simple, light, age-appropriate makeup that enhances your teen’s natural beauty. These specials and services are for any teen that wants to look amazing using  a low maintenance beauty routine to get them there.  

Makeup Lessons for Atlanta Teens: 

When it comes to makeup for teens, it may be tempting to put on too much but less truly is more. With just some light foundation, perhaps a bit of blush, some mascara, and lip gloss, and you are on your way to school looking your best.

Prom makeup in Buckhead
  • Get a Back to School Teen Makeup Lesson for $65 (regularly priced at $75.00/ with Brianna) and enjoy a $10 credit for makeup purchases (only valid the same day as the lesson. Offer not valid with Alyson.) 

Being appropriate for one’s environment is key! Your Atlanta teen may want to wear a little eyeliner or a brighter lip gloss to her first dance, but not everyday! With our back to school makeup lesson for teens, our talented team of Atlanta makeup artists teach your teen simple techniques to do makeup correctly for every situation. This is a fun, interactive, self discovery makeup experience where your teen is encouraged to find her ideal look in a safe and encouraging environment!

Lash Lift, Lash Tint & Brow Lamination for Teens 

If your teen is into sports or has a schedule  jam-packed with activities, getting a brow lamination and a lash lift and tint is perfect! Skip the mascara, lash curler, and brow gel because these services will replace those products. 

  • Enjoy $20.00 off a lash lift and tint with Zahra- $90
  • Enjoy 10% off a Brow Lamination with Zahra- $76 

Facial for Teens 

Lastly, a good facial can reduce the amount of concealer and foundation your teen needs to use thanks to preventative treatments such as skincare to reduce breakouts, redness, flakiness and more. Even out the skin tone and say bye bye to active acne and scarring.

  • Enjoy 15% off the Organic Spa Facial with Zahra for $76
  • Enjoy 15% off the Authentic Glow Facial with Zahra for $148

*(All of these teen beauty specials are valid through September 30th.  Offer not valid with Alyson). 

To book a teen beauty service, please call 404-849-0443, or book online hereAuthentic Beauty is located at 4674 Roswell Rd. Atlanta, GA 30342. To purchase products, visit our online store here

About Authentic Beauty’s Teen Beauty Services: From beauty tips to brows, Authentic Beauty is an award-winning brow and makeup studio in Atlanta that is here to show your Atlanta teen how to simply and easily put their best faces forward using clean products. Your teen will acquire the confidence to apply their own makeup easily and have so much fun in the process. All our makeup lessons begin by teaching proper skin care because good skin is integral to creating your ideal look. Proper brow maintenance is also introduced to teens at this time before your teen goes to a nail salon with friends and gets half a brow waxed off by accident!

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