The Edie Look

The Edie

We over at Authentic Beauty are settling in quite well to fall 2010! As most of you know, our four new Fall Looks are featured in Jezebel’s September issue (out today)! The inspiration for the shoot was a senior photo type spread.  The looks are all playing with a different variation of the smoky eye & are paying homage to the make-up from a specific decade or era. The four “superlative” looks are: The Edie, The Cynthia, The Jennifer & The Lauren. I’ll talk about each in a separate blog.

This blog will focus on The Edie look. This is straight out of the 1950’s &  early 1960’s era and is a more traditional smoky eye with a twist.  You start the look with a winged black liner created by a blended pencil; we like to use a gray base (Profaces Granite) smudged out with a Squirrel Precision Blender Brush. If you want to heighten the drama, use the Profaces Eyeliner Sealer, mixed with the Profaces Onyx eyeshadow. Highlight the lid with Sheer Sand eyeshadow, which is a pretty champagne colored shimmer, and add some dimension with Sandalwood a warmer peachy hue. To finish the eyes, curl your eyelashes & top with Blinc Mascara or get Robyn’s lash extensions.

This look has a boldly arched, defined brow that is slightly darker than the normal everyday brow.This is shown all over the runways for fall! The more dramatic you want your look to be, the heavier the brow. So as I said, go darker than normal & use a stiff angled brush on shadow or a pencil. For blondes, I like the Suede Profaces pencil & Brunettes, try Profaces Brown pencil. Brush the tip of the pencil with the brush; using this technique gives the brows the most naturally defined look versus looking drawn on.

The skin is flawless & smooth.For this look you want to truly even out the skin so be sure to apply enough to achieve medium to full coverage Use the 3 in 1  magic foundation for the simplest way to achieve this. For a fresh look, make sure to use powder sparingly on the planes of your face & the forehead. The cheeks are very sculpted & contoured. Use Sandalwood blush for fair skin or Bronzed Peach for medium to dark skin in the hollows of the cheekbone.  These colors give dimension to the face as well as giving warmth to the skin. Overall, the look is very classic & polished looking.

For the lips, we like the sheer, warm red in the Profaces Ring of Fire gloss. Also make sure to start with the Ginger pencil by Profaces as a base, to keep the gloss from bleeding and increase the life of your lipcolor. This sheer orangey red gloss is very wearable, but it can create an incredibly dramatic look. It really all depends on what type of event you’re wearing this look to and how dramatic you go with your brows and eyes

I’ll be talking about the other looks in our fall look book in the next upcoming blogs. So stay tuned for The Cynthia, The Jennifer & The Lauren.

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