If you are going to an event with your hair done and wearing a lovely dress but no face makeup? That’s how you will look. Faceless! Putting on every makeup item you own on your face isn’t the answer either. The answer lies somewhere in the middle.  This is the season to glamorize and intensify your makeup and here are 6 holiday makeup tips from Authentic Beauty CEO & Founder Alyson Howard-Hoag on how you can look your absolute best this holiday season.

1. Lighting Matters

AllThatGlittersWith an evening locale, the lighting is darker, and the makeup you use during the day will disappear. Most light colors will not show up on the face or lips. Always check your makeup in the light you will be seen in. A great trick is to have someone take a picture of you so you can see how you look. I do that when I am on a set or even if I am going out by myself and need to double check.



2. Lipstick

SantaBabyLipstick is the easiest way to “holidazzle” your look and intensifying your lips brings your whole face to life especially in a dimly lit room. When it comes to the holidays, red or colors in the red family are most festive.

If you are not comfortable with a true red, consider a bronze that has a hint of red or a red-wine color or a red gloss on top of your usual lip color. We make lipsticks and glosses customized entirely for you and your desires at Authentic Beauty’s custom blended lipstick station. Now, your dream color can finally be a reality at Authentic Beauty.


3. Foundation

Authentic Beauty Magic 3 in 1 Foundation and Application Brush.
Authentic Beauty’s Magic 3 in 1 Foundation and Application Brush. Get it here.

Please add more foundation and smooth out your complexion. If you have any sun damage, which most of us do, you are going to need to add a product with coverage in order for the lip color you are adding to not make your face look splotchy. Authentic Beauty’s Magic 3 in 1 Foundation is safe, non toxic, and three products in one: a foundation, a concealer, and it acts as a camouflage.

No matter the product you choose, watch the powder or mineral foundations, everyone! Smile when you apply your foundation to keep from looking like the crypt keeper. If you smile, it will keep the makeup from settling in your lines. Remember to flatter your foundation with a pop of color with a blush or a light bronzer.



4. The Eyes

SnowBunnyWhile running all of your holiday errands, don’t forget to stop and treat yourself to a gift that will last. Consider getting semi-permanent eyelash extensions so you don’t have to worry about mascara at all. They add just a dash more fabulousness and convenience to your holiday and your every day look.

Also, an eye makeup lesson is a great way to perfect your ability to line your eyes and intensify whenever the occasion calls for it. Eye makeup application takes many details into consideration; however, the only real bit of advice is intensify with a bit more liner, mascara, and eye shadow. If your eyes look good with a crease color, this is the season to have fun with that.



5. Fill in your brows

SugarPlumFairyWe have a wonderful product at Authentic Beauty called Wonderbrow that colors, defines, fills and enhances your brows emphasizing your natural arch. Since the name of the game is balance, as you are intensifying, you have to intensify your brows too.





6. Get a Holiday Makeup Application or Makeup Lesson

Natural BeautyAt Authentic Beauty Salon & Studio, our makeup experts offer holiday makeup lessons because on the way to the party is not the time to try to do a smoky eye. Practice beforehand and within a few tries it will be second nature!  Or come in for a pampering holiday makeup application for just $40.00 and add a blow-out for just $30.00.

Also, be sure to check out our holiday makeup tutorials this season including “Santa Baby”, “ Sugar Plum Fairy“, “Snow Bunny“, and “All That Glitters” on how to create each look on your own.



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