How Lashes Changed My Life

I never have had long eyelashes, but I just dealt with the fact that fabulous lashes were something that weren’t in the cards for me….until.

Let me back up.

Throughout my career & my life, I literally have tried every mascara, every lash curler, ANYTHING  to enhance my lashes. I have also tried a LOT on other woman. But my life changed when I heard about Latisse.I was interviewed by Kimberly Kennedy on ABC for a health segment at Dr. Pradeep Sinha’s office the week that Latisse went on the market and I was his patient for the segment so I got to ask ALL the questions.  I bought it from Dr. Rudderman at OH2 Spa in February 2009. And so, I went wild, putting it on every night religiously & meticulously. My lashes grew & grew, and they looked incredible; they were Minnie Mouse lashes!

They were soooo long, but unfortunately not at all full or thick. This annoyed me, but they were still longer than what I had with no intervention. One week I forgot to put it on for a few nights & just like that, my lashes returned to their short little nubby selves.  You HAVE to apply Latisse everyday to get your lashes to grow. However, I resumed my scrupulous Latisse applying routine soon after they got long again. The Minnie lashes were back, however still no thickness. Apparently Latisse is supposed to create thickness in people’s lashes, but for some reason, mine didn’t get any thicker (they weren’t thick to begin with)

Originally I wasn’t concerned about the side effects of Latisse (there are  a few-make sure you read the potential list) and after nine months of using the magical stuff, I developed an allergy!  I was devastated. I don’t usually react to anything. However, I have seen quite a few clients now complaining of the same thing. I thought my lashes were doomed to return to tiny stubs forever because I couldn’t use Latisse anymore, but around the same time, one of my make-up artists introduced me to eyelash extensions.

Her lashes were so long & dark & lush that it made me want them! So long story short, I got lash extensions and they changed my life.  I was completely amazed. I am typing this right now & I am sure I have told many of you in the studio that, I. Will. Never. Ever. Be. The. Same. Ever. Lash extensions are incredible!

They are so real looking that no one believes they aren’t real.  I get nearly every person looking at me saying, “you’re lashes are BEAUTIFUL!” Not only do they give me length, but they give me volume & thickness that I couldn’t get from Latisse. These lashes make a huge difference! I wear less make-up, NEVER wear mascara, and , more importantly, look well rested & bright eyed, even when I’m not, which is usually the case.

While I’m not discounting Latisse,  lash extensions are absolutely amazing! Ebony Brown, our amazing Authentic Beauty Lash specialist, is here at the studio by appointment working on Authentic Beauty clients. Lash extensions are placed on each of your individual lashes, one at a time. Your eyes are closed through out the entire painless process & the lashes are put on with a special medical-grade, odorless adhesive that binds the lash to your own natural lash about one millimeter away from your skin.  I even take naps while Ebony is doing them!

The extensions will last anywhere from two to four weeks depending on the growth cycle of your lashes and how well you take care of them. They fall out when your lash is ready to fall out, which is the natural shedding process your lashes go through; typically that is between 20 to 60 days.  It is recommended that maintain your new lash extensions with a fill every two to three weeks. Personally, I have to fill mine every 20 days since my natural lashes are so short. The fill takes about 30-45 minutes and I am usually asleep in the first 10 minutes on the table.

Lash Extensions are resistant to water, heat, pool chlorine, perspiration & water-based cleansers. Make sure to avoid excessive rubbing around your eye area. Also avoid oil based cleansers, lotion & make-up remover; gel based cleansers are suggested. Use a small Q-tip to carefully clean the eyeliner around your eye. Mascara is not necessary when you have Lash Extensions! So don’t apply any & waste the lashes!

Ebony specializes in synthetic extensions as they feel that they provide the most beautiful, natural look while preserving the integrity of the natural lash. Compared to the typical lash extension, they are feather-light, softer, and more glamorous. Also, Ebony doesn’t “count” lashes like other extension technicians;  rather, she customizes extensions to fit your needs. Whether you are going for a “natural” look and just want to slightly thicken/lengthen your lashes, or the “glam” look and want to be red-carpet-ready, she will work with you to achieve your desired look.

As far as I am concerned, beauty is all about maintenance and payoff. Is the amount of time you have to commit worth the result? For me, lashes are worth it. I believe lashes, brows and smooth skin are the fundamentals in one’s beauty routine. To not EVER have to worry about mascara and to wake up with PERFECT lashes every day keeps my beauty routine down to a minimum…so what I have to lay on a table every 20 days for 45 minutes.

You can book your appointment online here, call the studio  at 404-849-0443 or email us at [email protected] with any questions, to set-up a consultation/appointment, or to have one of talented lash specialists explain the process in more depth than this blog. Authentic Beauty is located at 4674 Roswell Rd. Atlanta, GA 30342. You can also visit our website to learn more about Authentic Beauty.


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