The Cynthia

The Cynthia

The 70’s were known for fun fashion & outgoing lifestyle. Go-Go boots, platform shoes, and over-sized sleeves were fun and unique.  And believe me, the make-up was nothing short of gorgeous! This makeup is what inspired me to be a makeup artist!  With natural and bold colors, eye-shadow was a tool used to emphasize woman’s femininity. The Cynthia look we’ve created has been inspired by the “live it up” persona of the 70’s.  This laid back yet glamorous look is full of gold and bronzes.  Follow these tips for bronze cheeks, shimmery eyes, and flirty pink lips.

Start with the eyes, and apply brown eyeliner pencil along your top lash lines and blend it out with the Squirrel Precision Blender brush.  On top of the brown liner, apply our “Goddess Shimmer” or “Galaxy” on your lids, extending it above your crease. It’s best if you apply it with an A-Design Eye #1 brush or a squirrel #11F Brush. It’s a flat brush, and that’s important because the brush deposits the shimmery color exactly where you apply it. That makes it  look clean and beautiful. Also don’t forget to put brown eyeliner pencil on two thirds of your lower lash line. This will make the look more defined! Another way to add drama to this look-which is how I personally prefer to wear it is to add a black pencil with the brown pencil to create a layered effect. Blend out both together before applying the Goddess Shimmer. At the end of the eye application you can add an additional line to the lash-line using either onyx or espresso shadows mixed together or separate using eyeliner sealer and a taklon definer brush AND using a black pencil inside the waterline.

For a well-defined brow to go along with these natural smoky eyes, press powder under your eyebrow. This will give you a seamless look without taking away from your perfect golden lids.

The Cynthia looks best with a flawless face, so use our 3 in 1 foundation to cover up dark circles or any errant pimples. And to achieve a flirty 70’s inspired cheeks, use our “Bronze Peach” color by applying it to the apples of your cheeks and blending it up towards the temples and hairline. It’s really best to apply this while smiling because it helps prevent the powder from setting in fine lines (you have heard this before ladies!).

For your pucker, use our “Live it Up” gloss. The pretty pale pink color with gold shimmer is the perfect finishing touch for the Cynthia look. Make sure to use the “Mocha” lip liner or the “Sand” lip liner first as a base, and blend it out to give staying power and more precision to the gloss on top. Pick the lip liner by matching it to your natural lip tone, as opposed to the lip color you are applying. This lip gloss is an absolutely GORGEOUS color. It has become our #1 selling lip gloss.

The Cynthia is a laid back yet stunning look and goes especially well with naturally tousled wavy locks, which you can get from the Authentic Beauty salon. It’s all about being independent and confident with who you are—and before you know it, the natural beauty of you shines through!

Be sure to come check out these looks at Champagne and Shadows. Our upcoming dates are September 17th (sponsored by Total Wine) and on October where we will be celebrating our Grand Reopening of the Authentic Beauty Studio and Salon. For more information check out our website.

You can also join us for one of our Fall Trends Classes on October 7th and October 27th. We will be demonstrating the fall looks. The cost is $25 and can be applied to a one on one lesson with one of our Authentic Beauty Artists. Call Stephanie to RSVP at 404-849-0443 or email at [email protected].

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