The Jennifer

The Jennifer

From grunge, to preppy, those high top shoes, and bright flannel shirts; the fashions of the 90’s were bright and energetic. Remember your old Keds sneakers and vibrant track jackets that swished when you walked? The overalls with one strap undone and hung over your shoulder made quite the statement back in the day. There were Madonna inspired looks, grunge inspired looks (remember Pearl Jam & Nirvana), and natural-no-makeup looks— and each one was fresh and full of life.

The 90’s also had vivid and beautiful make up trends—matte colors were in and girls loved the smoky eye and glossy lip color.  Well ladies, whip out your favorite gloss from your glory days or well, now, because the radiant yet natural look of the mid-90’s has caught our attention again.

The eyes for the Jennifer are less shimmery, so here we focus on using a basic eyeshadow rather than a pot of shadow. Use a Suede pencil along your lash line before blending it out with your trusty Squirrel Precision Blender brush.  Top it with Moondust eye shadow in a shimmery brown or gray color.

This will give you a moonlit glow that looks somewhat silvery on the eye.  You can play around with darkness of the shadow or thickness of the pencil to transition into a more dressed up look. To achieve the beauty of the “Jennifer,” don’t forget to dust under your eyebrow with a powder to top it all off as this will give your brow great definition!

To achieve this casual, less dramatic inspired look of the Jennifer, start with a fresh face that’s evened out with a light touch of the 3 in 1. Top with the Lilly blush—a great matte pink color—and apply to apples of your cheek until naturally blended.  If it looks like there is almost-to-no blush, you’ve applied it correctly! Remember to smile when you apply it!

For beautiful and fresh lips, use plumper in “Get Lippy” pink. It’s a simple pretty pink with a sheer see-thru look—perfect for that 90’s girl in you. But if you have sensitive skin, use Luscious gloss in the pale pink see thru to get the same natural  & fresh look.

Overall, the Jennifer is for all women because it’s intended to be an every day, minimalist look—it’s causal and natural, which we love. The younger 90’s girl in you will smile while your natural beauty shines through!

Be sure to come check out these looks at Champagne and Shadows on October 22nd where we will be celebrating our Grand Reopening of the Authentic Beauty Studio and Salon. For more information check out our website.

You can also join us for one of our Fall Trends Classes on October 7th and October 27th. We will be demonstrating the fall looks. The cost is $25 and can be applied to a one on one lesson with one of our Authentic Beauty Artists. Call Stephanie to RSVP at 404-849-0443 or email at [email protected].

A special thanks to Stacey Bode for her excellent work as our photographer. Check her work out at

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