The Timeless Brow Trend that Always Stays in Style

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Skinny brows and bleached brows are just a few of the brow trends we’ve seen a lot of this year.  Other brow trends we have seen include: 

Fluffy Brows: This brow trend is about brows that look big and full. To achieve this look, we combine the Brow Rehab process using our brow arch service, using the Roller Brow (a brow derma roller with brow enhancing serum) and the Roller Brow Defining Pen that deposits natural brow color onto your brows, and a brow tint with fibers so you can brush your brows up and out. This trend has also been referred to as the Boy Brow. 

Roller Brow a brow derma roller with brow enhancing serum from Genuist Beauty
  • Arched Brows: This classic brow shape is characterized by a defined arch that lifts the face, opens up the eyes, and creates a stronger frame. Using a brow pencil will give you an opaque look to define the arch.  
  • Straight Brows: Straight brows are characterized by a flatter shape that runs parallel to the brow bone. And often involves shaving or plucking the tail end of your eyebrow in order to shorten the part that curves down.
  • Brow Lamination: This semi-permanent treatment (akin to a perm for the eyebrows) helps to define and shape the brows, and involves coating the brows in a solution that relaxes the hair, making them easier to style. It also fluffs up the brows. For a bolder, more enhanced look, a brow tint is often added to this service. 
  • Colored Brows: This trend involves using different colors for your brows. You can use brow tints, powders, or gels to add a pop of color to your brows.

“We have one client who loves the bleach brow trend. She came to the salon (voted Best Brows Atlanta 2023 for the umpteenth time), and wanted to try it,” Aly said. And because this client trusted Rosie and Aly with their brows, the bleaching of her brows was done beautifully. Remember, when it comes to your brows, it is always best to work with a brow expert.  

 “When you try the bleach brow trend at home, over bleaching brows can have damaging and long lasting impacts that can cause hair breakage and burns,” Aly added.  Big picture, if you want a specific brow trend, be sure to have a professional brow artist do that work for you.  

If it’s thinner brows you seek because you have smaller features and you need balance to your face, one way you can make your brows appear thinner without damaging your brows is by trimming the brow hair and not plucking them. 

For the Brow Guru and Authentic Beauty CEO & Founder, Aly prefers fluffier, more natural looking brows that compliment one’s features. Ultimately, the whole goal with beautiful brows is balance, symmetry and proper dimensions to put your best face forward. Remember, people aren’t symmetrical.  Social media and photo filters may make you look that way but at Authentic Beauty we use our brow arching service and makeup to help create symmetry and balance to your face. 

brow blunders and brow mistakes

Brow Blunders and Brow Regrets

Some brow trends do stand the test of time. Other brow trends make us grimace when we look back at photos of ourselves with a trending haircut, makeup look, outfit, or brow style.  With our clients at Authentic Beauty, the number one brow trend that remains timeless and ageless is a natural approach to brows and makeup. The natural approach means adhering to your natural brow shape (the one you had when you were young). Authentic Beauty will help you regrow and nurture your brows back to your natural shape while also getting your hair growth on a cycle so that all the brow hairs are growing in sync.

Our professionally trained brow artists in Atlanta are here to help you so you don’t have brow regrets. Choose the brow trend that appeals to you, but let the experts at Authentic Beauty guide you as you make one of the most important decisions defining the features of your face.

Alyson Howard Hoag owner of Authentic Beauty in Atlanta and Genuist Beauty Cosmetics with the Roller Brow a brow derma roller with brow enhancing serum

Meet the Brow Guru & Brow Protector of Atlanta:

Aly became the brow protector in the 90s when some of her older clients came to her in distress that their brows wouldn’t grow back after falling prey to the super ‘thin is in’ brow trend. Working with these women, she invented her Brow Rehab process where you don’t touch your brows for at least a month and instead come into her studio every 4 to 6 weeks to have your brows done using her precise tweeze only brow method that helps restore your natural brow shape and gets your brows growing again on a cycle. Read more about the top 10 tips to growing your brows back here.  

Best Brows Atlanta Brow Rehab at Authentic Beauty

How to Achieve Natural Brows: 

This is a timeless trend that is always in style. Natural brows are simply groomed to enhance your natural brow shape that you were born with. We find the brow shape that flatters your individual face and features. Just remember that patience is the key.  It will take time but your brows will start growing again once you are in the Brow Rehab process.  In the meantime, we have two incredible brow products that will aid you tremendously during your brow hair journey. Check out the Roller Brow & Roller Brow Defining Pen here.  

Book a brow arch appointment with one of our talented brow artists here.  Or call the studio at 404-849-0443

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